3 Top Rated Tennis Racquets Around the World 2021 | User’s Guide

The best tennis racquet in the world is a question that many of our customers have asked. As a matter of fact, we think there is no such thing as the perfect racquet. In different ways, each tennis racket is suitable for a specific individual.

When we think about the best tennis racquet, there are many brands that come to mind. The following are some of them:

  • Wilson
  • Babolat
  • Head
  • Prince
  • Yonex

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1: Babolat Pure Drive

This racquet is our recommendation for the best all-around racquet. For groundstrokes when more power, spin, and feel are needed, beginners and more advanced players like to use this. Andy Roddick once used this racquet on tour, and so have many other professionals.

Several advanced racquets have smaller frames, which are found on the market. Featuring a 100 square inch frame, this racquet is capable of delivering greater power. This game is accessible to players no matter their skill level. Using the 16/19 string pattern and wide frame on the wing, you will have excellent control and power. This racquet will provide you with power and control from the baseline.

Also, it is easy to achieve topspin with this racquet. Playing doubles, you may be able to volley well with this small, low-weight racket due to the 11.2oz strung weight. Aside from comfort-enhancing features, the 2021 Pure Drive is equipped with the latest technologies.

When compared with other Babolat racquet reviews, Pure Drive is Babolat’s strongest tennis racquet. A racquet of this type has less control than those of other brands on the market. In terms of power, there’s no racquet that is more controllable without sacrificing control.


  • All skill levels will enjoy their game with this
  • Powerful and controlled groundstrokes
  • Open string pattern provides excellent spin
  • The sweet spot is large and has a great feel


  • A solid option, but not ideal for control

2: Head Graphene 360+ Pro Speed

We made sure to include this Head racquet only for players of advanced skill levels. Look no further than the Graphene 360+ Speed Pro for players looking for an effective balance racquet.

Using the 18*20 string patterns will make it easier for you to control your shots. Having a large surface area, this 100 square inch head can produce good drive and spin from groundstrokes as well. Usually used by intermediate and advanced players who aspire to compete at the highest level in singles, these racquets provide excellent performance.

Head has published the new edition of its 2020 guide. Almost all the features of this edition are the same as the last one, with the exception.



  • Control & power in perfect balance
  • Some racquets provide more power than this one
  • It spins and feels good
  • Suitable for beginners or doubles players only
  • Tennis racquet with a balanced swing
  • Singles & doubles are easy to handle

3: Wilson Blade 98 v7

Below is a racquet inspired by Serena Williams. Designed by Wilson for players who seek control and comfort this racquet is lightweight and highly maneuverable. They’ve created their best blade ever, and it has more features than any previous model.

The racquet is designed to provide players of all skill levels with a balanced experience. The new version of the product features FlexFeel technology that enhances the feel and touches greatly. This feature makes it a great racquet that is equally useful in volleying and groundstrokes. Having a weight of 11.3 ounces, this tennis racquet is a great choice for intermediate and advanced players.

You can generate spin via the open string strategy (16*19) when you groundstroke from the baseline. Additionally, you’ll enjoy an extremely comfortable feeling when you touch the Blade’s stable frame. This is a good option for players who would like more control, feel, and touch without much assistance in terms of power.



  • Control and comfort are great
  • Power generated is not very high
  • Volleyball touch and feel are good
  • For intermediate and advanced players only
  • Players who cannot play every day will find this a sweet spot

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Best Tennis Racquet in the World | Our Pick

If you play a particular type of tennis, then you will need a different kind of racquet. The Babolat Pure Drive, however, provides the best overall playing experience. Tennis gear is also available from the company to complement this racquet. Pure Drive not only offers great power, spin, and control, but it also provides excellent mobility, even during doubles matches, making it a great racquet in terms of overall performance. Regardless of the type of player, it is an excellent option.

Pro Tennis Players

Tennis is a market in which each of these brands has successfully made its mark. Let’s talk about the pro tennis players and see what they use. A point to keep in mind is that professionals don’t just choose any racquet they find on a store shelf. It seems like they are so picky when it comes to buying racquets. Once a racquet has been purchased, they try it to see if it is suitable for them and then continue to use the same brand.

Rafael Nadal

Rather than using a racquet from another brand, he frequently uses a Babolat racquet. The fact that Babolat provides so many benefits is very popular with people.

Roger Federer

Wilson’s Racquets have usually been seen with him most of the time. However, that is not the point, the point is that every individual is different, and so is his level of play. It would not make sense to buy a racquet that your favorite professional player owns since their game level and their techniques are so different. To buy a pro racquet if the player is an absolute beginner is simply a waste of time and money.

Using the best racquet for your tennis game is hard because tennis racquet technology is rapidly changing. The above 3 best racquets around the world were found by comparing all the major brands.

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