5 Top Reviewed Tennis Ball Machine 2022

Want to be an expert in tennis? Grab these latest Tennis Ball Machines of 2022.

We recommend some of the tops reviewed cheap and portable tennis ball machines that will make you a coach in no time.

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Spinshot 2 Plus Tennis Ball Machine | Best Portable 2022

You can practice shots on this Spinshot Player 2 Plus tennis ball machine, even if you’re just a beginner or intermediate player.

In terms of tennis ball machines, the Spinshot Player 2 Plus is among the best. Spinshot Player lets you enjoy a highly realistic on-court experience by flawlessly replicating all the different types of oscillations real tennis players are capable of making.


The pairing of the Player 2 Plus with your smartphone and smartphone app is one of its great features. The speed, angle, feed rate, and height of the ball can be controlled by your phone, instead of a traditional remote. Custom drills can also be fed into the launcher since it offers custom programming.

This tennis ball machine weighs 42 pounds when it is equipped with a battery. The portable weight ensures that it will be easy to move on the court and to put in and take out of your car boot. You may prefer an AC-powered model if you have your own private court. With this stationary machine, you no longer need to worry about recharging the battery


  • Customizable oscillation
  • Speed of the ball: 18 to 68 mph
  • The time between feeds: 2-10 seconds
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Rotation: back and forth
  • Capacity: 120 balls
  • Power source: battery or AC
  • Use time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Weight: 42 lbs

Lobster Elite Grand 5 | Cheap and Portable

Even though it is more expensive than some tennis ball machines on the market, if you have the desire to accurately emulate a game of tennis on a court with authentic features and programmability, then it is worth it.


A well-programmed drill allowing accurate simulation of real matches is provided by the Lobster Elite Grand 5.

As well as the ability to program different speeds, spin rates, and trajectories for each ball, the system features randomly generated oscillation and an option to program up to six custom drills. Unlike most tennis ball machines, ours is equipped with a variety of options.


  • Totally random oscillation
  • 35-80 mph ball speed
  • The time between feeds: 2-9 seconds
  • A temperature range of 0-60 degrees
  • It can hold 150 balls
  • Powered by batteries
  • Time to use: 4-8 hours
  • Weight: 44 pounds

Match Mate Rookie by Match Mate | Under 1000$

In a machine designed for entry-level players, you’ll probably prefer something a bit more advanced if you are an intermediate or pro-level player.

Tennis ball machines powered by batteries such as the Match Mate Rookie are available. Beginners prefer to learn the basics of the craft rather than spending a lot of money on expensive equipment. A rookie is a great option if you fall into this category and would like to practice your shots with a partner.


The Rookie has the lightest weight of any machine on the market, weighing only 22 pounds. The lightweight nature of this pad allows it to move easily around the court and in and out of the boot of your car. While the Rookie’s features are similar to those of the iSam Value and Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable, it is lighter by 18-20 pounds.

Up to five hours can be gotten out of the battery when fully charged. In spite of its sparseness, this backup allows for at least two practice sessions before needing to recharge. Match Mate Rookie tennis ball machines come with a selection of basic features suited to new tennis players who wish to develop their skills rather than more experienced players.

For such a compact machine, the ball speed can be set from 10 to 27 miles per hour, depending on your preferences. Additionally, the machine’s height can be adjusted, making it possible to practice different shots on it with a single machine.


  • Oscillation: none
  • Speed of the ball: 10 to 27 mph
  • The feed is updated every 10 seconds
  • 0 to 45 degrees elevation
  • From the ground, spin a lob
  • 70 balls can be accommodated
  • Powered by batteries
  • Time required: 4-5 hours
  • Weight: 27 pounds

Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine | Top Reviewed

New and improved from the original Spinfire Pro, the Spinfire Pro 2 tennis ball machine is designed to improve your tennis game. Tennis players of all levels enjoy the launcher’s brilliant features and many innovative elements.

The key features of this machine are what makes it different from others. Have a look at them and you will realize the difference yourself.


Internal oscillations are one of the machine’s most distinctive features. The player can move quickly and avoid predictable shots, as they would with a real partner when playing a machine with this feature. These options are not typically found on cheaper machines, but they are usually found on more expensive ones.

A tennis ball machine like this one weighs only 52 pounds, so it is very easy to carry on and off the court. Although the Pro hopper contains 200 balls, it is designed to be compact, so it can be stored and transported easily. You will therefore have more time to enjoy the game before needing to reload. It is possible to reverse the 200-ball to protect the machine during storage and transport when necessary.

Moreover, the cover provides protection for the launcher and makes it look neat and compact. Besides offering a 2-line drill that is capable of three settings, the Spinfire Pro 2 comes with an extended spin option, an LCD display, and a membrane touch panel. You can adjust the ball speed from 20-80 miles per hour with variable topspin. During the game, the interval between balls can also be adjusted and set anywhere between 2 and 15 seconds, which is a useful addition.


  • Both vertically and horizontally oscillating
  • Speed of the ball: 20 to 80 mph
  • Rate of ball feed: 2-15 seconds
  • Groundstroke: lob
  • Variable: spin
  • 200 balls can be played
  • Powered by batteries
  • Use time: 2 to 5 hours
  • Weight: 52 pounds

Lobster Sports Phenom 2 Club | The Best Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis ball machines such as the Lobster Sports Phenom 2 Club are stationary devices. One of the most popular tennis machines on the market, the electricity-powered machine offers everything a player needs to improve.

This machine’s key features are attractive and must be considered with its bold design.


Tennis balls can be dispensed from the 250-ball hopper, making it ideal to practice without feeding the machine continuously, which is a very valuable feature. This tennis ball shooter is programmable and capable of shooting tennis balls at speeds ranging from 35-80 mph, ensuring the best possible playing experience.

In terms of weight, this tennis ball machine certainly isn’t the lightest on the market. Considering this, it’s best suited to tennis players who have their own courts or playing areas, so they don’t need to transport it.

Sports Phenom comes pre-programmed with three six-shot drills to simulate playing with a partner, like many other Lobster tennis ball machines. In this mode, you will be able to practice more complex shots by simulating popular styles such as power baseliner and grinder. It’s up to you how you customize the drills, whether you want more trajectory, speed, or spin to make sure you are prepared when the time comes for your next match, you will be ready!


  • Randomly, vertically, and horizontally, oscillation
  • Speed of the ball: 35 to 80 mph
  • Feeding intervals: 2 to 9 seconds
  • 0 to 50 degrees elevation
  • Backspin and topspin
  • The ball capacity is 250
  • The power source is AC
  • Weight: 99 pounds

Tennis Ball Machines: Choosing the Right One

A tennis ball machine is no different from other products on the market today in that they offer a wide selection. A machine that costs thousands of dollars is not the only option you have. You can also get a machine that is more basic and affordable. You can choose between compressed air and rotating wheels when purchasing tennis ball machines, with each having its own pros and cons. Have a look at SHOTMAKER BALL MACHINE

Pressurized Air:

Tennis balls do not get damaged by compressed air when they’re being used. Compared to those with rotating wheels, this option is less expensive.

Oscillations that differ:

You can shoot tennis balls directly at yourself on some tennis ball machines, while on others, the ball will be sprayed from side to side. You can recreate any shot you would face in a real tennis match since you can alter the direction in which the balls are delivered.

The Function of a Machine.

By navigating side to side, users of some tennis ball machines get a workout in between shots. During long workout sessions, the onboard computer of the shooter can also be programmed with other workout settings.

Frequent Asked Questions:

Using high-speed tennis ball machines required more power, as it is with pneumatic machines. In order to use a pneumatic machine, you will need access to an external AC outlet, which could be considered a disadvantage. The benefit of pneumatic tennis ball machines is that they do not wear out tennis balls as quickly as counter-rotating wheels, making them a cheaper option in the long run.

The following are the advantages of tennis ball machines:

  • Consistency improvement
  • You can test your reactions here
  • Enhance agility and movement
  • A variety of shot styles can be used

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