Adding a Spin to a Tennis Ball

It is important that every shot is played with spin. If you don’t direct the ball where you want it to land, it will swerve and go in a different direction. In order to keep the ball moving in the same direction in which it was pointing when you hit it with your racket, you must brush your racket around the ball instead of hitting through it.

tennis ball spin

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Increasing your understanding of spin will enable you to hit your shots with good power and topspin and still maintain good consistency.

Creating Topspin:

Using topspin can help you keep the ball within the court when you want to hit it fast. In topspin, the ball kicks up and comes down as soon as it touches the ground. In this way, your opponent is always on the defensive and can’t come forward into the court. A player such as Rafael Nadal or Amelie Mauresmo is renowned for using topspin as a powerful weapon.

The best way to get topspin is to brush those backs of the balls from low to high up. A thin contact makes the wheel ball faster. The ball will rotate at an incredibly fast speed, which you can bend into with enough acceleration during the shot.

Creating BackSpin:

To prevent topspin shots by your opponents, a slice or backspin is used to control your opponent. Federer will use this technique to counter Nadal’s high-kicking shots because it keeps the ball low and can slow down rallies.

To play a slice, it helps if the ball you receive is kicking up since you will have to use your racket to lift it up to slice it thinly and sharply downwards. When the ball lands, it will slow down from the ground reaction, causing it to skid along with the court and stay very low.

The backhand is primarily used for backspin. It is sometimes used by players to reply to slices that remain low in the air, stopping them from getting their racket under the ball to hit a topspin shot. In addition to approaching the net, you can use the slice to get the ball to skid low into your opponent’s hands.

Key Learning Points:

These lessons can be helpful to you as a beginner:

  • To create a topspin effect on the ball, use a semi-western grip.
  • With the racket upright, prepare the backswing.
  • Brush the top of the ball as you hit the ball from low to high.
  • A parabolic trajectory is followed by the ball above the net.
  • When hitting, you should bend your knees to increase this effect.

Creating Side Spin:

You rarely see pro tennis players using side spin except when they are playing a drop shot because it is impossible to generate much power with it. Nevertheless, this is a great trick shot for club players because the bounce is awkward.

Creating Side Spin:

You are essentially just flipping your hand around either side of the tennis ball so it moves sharply in the direction your opponent wants it to go, giving them another problem to contend with.

Professionals would most likely use the sidespin drop shot on a ball within the midfield, no higher than waist height, ideally before most players make a last-minute decision to change their mind about hitting the ball deep and hard. When you are facing danger and there isn’t enough room for any other shot, it’s an excellent way out.

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Professionals use certain techniques in order to create more spins while playing. We have described some of the above. Here’s hoping you find this article helpful.

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