Best Affordable Table Tennis Tables

The enjoyment of a good ping pong table is almost infinite. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, table tennis can be enjoyed no matter your skill level. Unfortunately, the best tables are often expensive. The price of a midrange model can quickly go over $500, while high-end models can easily go over $1000.

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If you’re serious about ping pong, you might want to consider spending $500 on a table. Even though you are short on cash, what should you do? Is the game too costly for you, or are you unsure you’d enjoy it? It could be ideal to compromise by creating a budget table. The typical cost of these things is around $300, but they are still good until you’re ready to upgrade.

In this list, you’ll find three of the best ping pong tables that are currently available.

JOOLA Inside – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

The Joola Inside 15 is one of the cheapest ping pong tables on my list and my top recommendation for those on a budget.

Joola offers a playing surface that is 15 mm thick. Although it’s inexpensive, it won’t compete with more expensive models in terms of quality, bounce consistency, or responsiveness with tables that are 19mm thick or more. The top is built to a high standard, and its smooth surface will make playing on it an enjoyable experience, not just because it is low-cost.

Putting up this high-quality table tennis table takes approximately ten minutes. Adding and removing our 72″ regulation nets from the table is quick and easy with the clamp system we use. With two halves and three-inch lockable wheels, this ping-pong table is easy to move once it is not in use. If you have ping pong paddles, you can use them outside in sunny weather.


  • Bouncing is decent with a 15mm thickness
  • Easy to set up
  • Legs made of steel with levelers
  • Playback feature on foldable design


  • The bounce of 15mm tables cannot be replicated

JOOLA Regulation Table Tennis Conversion Top

A conversion top is an excellent option for transforming a dining or pool table. These games usually cost less since there are no undercarriages but are just as good. The Joola Conversion Top with Foam Backing is my top recommendation in this category.

One of Joola’s greatest strengths is its 15mm playing surface. The topmost surface of most tops converted to cones has a rough surface that is difficult to play on. Despite being the minimum requirement for a consistent bounce, most of the tops used for conversion are thin.

It takes just minutes for any table to be converted into a table tennis table, regardless of whether it is a billiard, dining, or outdoor picnic table. With a large 15mm playing surface and sleek design, this table tennis top measures 9×5 feet. The ball bounces consistently, and the surface is multi-layered to prevent warping and has a standard color of blue. An EVA foam pad protects the conversion top to prevent damage.


  • Generally, 15mm surfaces bounce pretty consistently.
  • The design is sturdy and made of two pieces.


  • Some players might find it heavy

STIGA Space Saver

This table by Stiga is ideal for beginners. For the price, it’s a brilliant model for small spaces or players who prefer a small play area.

An average table measures 9′ x 5′. Compared to the Space Saver, it is considerably smaller at 5.9′ x 3.4′. It saves approximately 3′ in length so that you can play in a much smaller room. It is also the right height. Moreover, you will receive a net equipped with a post system and leg levelers for free with your purchase. There is no charge for rackets and balls. Approximately 35.5″ long by 40.5″ wide by 3.6″ high when folded. It weighs 79lbs when assembled. The table’s thickness is 1.8″.

It’s easy to assemble — just open, unfold, and play. To create a level, smooth playing surface, the MDF tabletop is rolled multiple times to obtain a repeatable coating process, and silkscreen striping is printed directly on the surface. It’s recommended that you only play indoors.


  • The 16mm MDF surface bounces fairly consistently
  • The price is excellent
  • Perfect for an apartment or a small room


  • Incompatible with serious practice
  • Incapable of playing back

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It does not matter what your first table costs – even if it costs $500 or more – to play table tennis. Assuming a few quality compromises are acceptable, there are several excellent table options in the $300-$350 range.

For a budget desk of regulation size, we recommend the Joola Inside 15 desk. This model’s playing surface measures 15mm thick, unlike most budget-friendly models. The foldable and durable design makes it ideal for travel.

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