Best Air Hockey Table Brands | Worldwide 2022

The thrill of sending a disc across a table while battling with your friends in an air hockey game can be enjoyed with an air hockey table that you can fit in your home. Have a look at Combo Pool Table Air Hockey | Top 2022 Reviews

Currently, these machines are available in various sizes, including large models that resemble arcade machines and smaller ones that, like those in an apartment, can be easily stored. Some of them even have electronic scoreboards where you can keep score.

There are some brands of air hockey that come to mind due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. There are a wide variety of air hockey tables available, and anyone who enjoys the sport will find something they like. On the market, one can find many options of air hockey tables, including folding ones, cheap air hockey tables, and even children’s tables.

Top 3 Air Hockey Table

These three air hockey tables are the best in the world. Three brands are discussed below that have marked their mark on the hearts of customers.

7.5 Top Shelf Air Hockey Table by Atomic

The table looks great, and it’s perfect for gaming. The glowing mallets, gaudy score displays, and light-up tables make darker rooms feel more welcoming. It is the ideal table for fast-paced, exciting games whether you are setting up your home game room or equipping an arcade floor.

Air hockey tables such as the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5′ air hockey table are some of the best on the market today. The 120V motor of the Top Shelf simulates the air a real arcade would have, making it more similar to the look of a real arcade. Suggested The Best Ping Pong and Air Hockey Table Combos

With this table, you’ll be able to improve your games and enjoy yourself. Unlike other models that need you to exert more force just to keep the puck moving, this one provides plenty of air for the longest games.


  • A PVC surface with a slick design makes for an exciting game
  • This table is suitable for children (lit with LEDs and has sound effects).
  • Constructed with durability and reliability


  • The scoring system may be unstable sometimes

Rally & Roar Air Hockey Tabletop

If you don’t have a lot of space but still want air hockey excitement, this tabletop model from Rally and Roar is an excellent choice. The portable model measures 40 x 20 x 9 inches and can be placed on the table or the floor. This table makes it easy for you to host games at friends’ or family members’ homes since it can be easily transported and set up.

Due to the ease of storage of this type of air hockey table, it is not necessary to have a large living, game room, or basement. Recommended Tennis Ball Holder Belt Clip | Best on Amazon

Along with the electronic scorekeeper and powerful blower, the Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table have quality pucks and strikers to ensure anyone can enjoy a game of air hockey. Even though it’s not a toy, its quality and construction make it incredibly fun.


  • Travel-friendly model
  • It’s easy to set up
  • Easily storable


  • Materials with a cheap appearance

Hanover 84-inch Air Hockey Table

Hanover’s 84-inch air hockey table is a good choice for persons who need a regulation-sized game. The solid-wood construction of this table makes it durable and simple. In the standard-sized rink, neither LED lights nor electronic scorekeepers are included.

In addition, the smooth surfaces and easily visible markings make it a fun place to play. Electronic scores, however, are commonly inaccurate, so many people prefer to keep them manually anyway. The product is budget-friendly and simple to assemble.


  • The frame is constructed from solid wood
  • A surface that glides smoothly
  • A model with an 84-inch screen


  • Has little in the way of graphic appeal

Main Features | Buyer’s Guide

For encouraging friendship and good health, air hockey is unbeatable. You should know air hockey rules before you buy the best table for playing air hockey with your children or your friends so that you can decide what is the best game table for air hockey. A good air hockey table should have the following features.

Fans and blowers:

The puck needs to be pushed into the opponent’s goal with force on some cheap models. A unit with its own fan or blower would make a great choice if it is within your budget. Although you’ll find some models with a larger fan, a 110V blower will suffice for keeping that puck-moving. It is important to remember the ways to clean an air hockey table over time because dust might accumulate on the blower holes.

Energy Source:

If your table is equipped with a scoreboard, it will either be powered by batteries or AC power. It’s not uncommon for small scoreboards to have models that use batteries, but these batteries run out quickly. The battery-free scoreboard can be powered with an AC adapter, so it isn’t a waste of money.

Table Dimensions:

For determining what size of air hockey table you need, consider the number of people who will be playing on it. Kids and even teenagers can use smaller tables that are three to four feet in height. The length of an adult table should be between six and seven feet.

Levelers for legs:

A table with leg levelers is a must unless you play air hockey on completely flat floors. Simple levelers are an inexpensive way to keep your table from wobbling regardless of the type of carpet, tile, or hardwood underneath.

Visual Design:

A table’s graphics and design may need to be taken into consideration. The games have a more realistic feel when they are played on tables that simulate ice hockey rinks. In addition to colors and graphics, keeping the table clean will keep the table looking new and awesome while playing.

After Thoughts:

Our favorite thing about these models is the way they look like they stepped out of a video arcade. They feature a smooth surface with colored lines similar to a hockey rink surface, lighted edges, and large legs so you can lean over when you are taking a shot.

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