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Purchasing one of the many air hockey tables available on the market will allow you to enjoy this exciting game in the comfort of your own home.

With the various types of tables available on the market, choosing the right air hockey table for your family can prove challenging. You will be able to pick the best air hockey table for your home when we discuss the options in detail at our service. Few air hockey tables stand out when it comes to quality. We often overlook other options that can save us time and money.

The models we picked for this list represent the best ones available today. In detail, we analyzed each table to determine the pros and cons. Let’s begin by providing you with an overview of each model.

Below, we have listed our top 2 choices for the best air hockey table that meet all the above requirements.

X-LAZER Air Hockey Table For Kids | Triumph Lumen

When you think of an arcade, you likely visualize this air hockey table. With a few of its more flashy features (literally), this air hockey table is one of the best for kids. With this technology, a series of flashing lights and cascading LEDs are displayed during the game.

The puck and strikers are also illuminated. Moreover, the experience is made even more enjoyable with music, especially for kids. Scores can be easily tracked with electronic scoring, and the game is more enjoyable when you’re not thinking about them.

It is maintained by two motors that ensure an appropriate airflow and ensure the puck moves on the table at an appropriate pace. The perfect air hockey table for anyone that loves air hockey is this table. It might not be the best choice, though, if you were thinking of becoming the next legendary air hockey player!


  • This item measures 72 x 40 x 31 inches
  • Scores are kept electronically
  • One puck and two pushers included
  • Weight: 75 pounds.
  • Limited warranty of 90 days


  • Suitable for children of all ages.
  • Scores are kept electronically.
  • Potable and simple to assemble.
  • LED lights and music will improve the appearance of your entire game.


  • Often, electronics are unreliable.
  • Occasionally, pucks bounce off the side of the table and are flung off.

7-foot Windchill Air Hockey Table | Brunswick

Although these are not professional models, they are durable and reliable enough to be used for hours of practice without worrying about the quality. It weighs 149 pounds, so it isn’t as heavy as you might think.

The UL blower also allows for easy skating over laminated surfaces with its fast fans. The Brunswick Windchill comes with a 3-month warranty, which may not be as long as the warranty offered by some other manufacturers, but you still have the chance to ensure there are no defects upon delivery. You can contact the company as soon as possible if you experience any difficulties with the surface during shipment.

The product’s surface has been damaged during transport, according to its users. You will receive a mallet and puck with the package. As part of the program, you will find an abacus-like scoring system. This system is more complicated than some other electronic scorekeeping systems. Despite the price tags, your matches will have a professional look to them.


  • Scores are manually calculated
  • This product measures 83.7 x 41.7 x 30 inches
  • The set includes 4 pucks and 2 pushers
  • Weight: 149 pounds.
  • 3 months warranty


  • Durable
  • Warranty of 90 days.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use set up


  • Not for professionals

A Guide To Buying The Right Air Hockey Table

As we discuss how to choose the best table, we will briefly mention which factors are important to consider before selecting the best Air hockey table. Following are some factors to consider.

Surface Area:

Let’s start with the basics. An ideal surface should be smooth and not rough. It is typically made with laminate material over a layer of wood, though it can also be made with a plastic coating. Laminate is often preferred because it is a clear coating protecting the graphics. Raised graphics can sometimes cause differential friction that can cause the puck to slow down or be redirected.

Air Flow:

The ground surface has a large number of small holes. Due to this, air escapes through these holes and keeps the puck afloat. Our favorite table had almost invisibly placed holes. The puck will remain fairly level throughout its travel if it is covered all over evenly.

Tables in a lower price range have larger holes. While the puck has a good deal of effect at high speeds, it can occasionally get stuck at slow speeds. In these situations, fewer holes are needed, so I prefer laminates because they provide a better surface. Due to the few holes required in these situations, laminates provide a superior surface.

Dimension & Size:

Tables for air hockey come in all shapes and sizes. Generally, the height of the tables in the arcade room ranges from 6 to 7 feet. The larger play area will appeal to adults as well because it allows them to make more decisions regarding the direction of the puck. Because the puck must travel further, you can react to it a little more quickly and that will allow you to make more precise movements.

Some game rooms, however, cannot fit a table of such magnitude. Diagonal measurements can reach 5 feet on compact models. The children also enjoy using these compact tables more since they save space.


A table’s durability must be considered. Air hockey tables are generally constructed of MDF since it is a durable, lightweight material. The strength of the table is not determined by the material used or the way it’s assembled.

In addition to the tapered table’s weak points, it has several supporting bars. It is not a problem for aggressive play to use heavier tables, since they can withstand large figures. Homeowners don’t need commercial-grade tables. Some models might have more squared-off shapes. You can still heavily rely on them if you do not lean on them.

Some models are made primarily from plastic. Playing surfaces made out of MDF can be equipped with plastic legs and enclosures. These tables can be easily assembled and are lightweight, so you should not lean on them too much. Tables for children should generally be lightweight.

Leg Leveller:

Small feet usually rotate on air hockey tables, allowing the height to be adjusted. They are screwed directly to the table, and therefore it is easy to move them around the table. Playing on an uneven table will result in your puck floating upward if your table isn’t level.

You may want a table with slightly tapered outward legs if you play frequently or aggressively. This, in turn, provides stability. You cannot lean on it or bump it and the table will not move.

Scoring System:

A manual scoring system has historically been used for Air Hockey Tables. Since the game moves quickly, it can be confusing to keep track. It is not uncommon to have the puck bounce right out of the goal area when it is traveling so fast.

Our recommendation is for an air hockey table that has a built-in digital scoring system. With this, keeping track is not necessary, so it will be easier and more enjoyable.


Typically, all the equipment on an air hockey table is powered by an AC adapter. However, some scoreboards use batteries for power. For those who always struggle with changing batteries, it is recommended that they get one with a power adapter.

Additional Accessories:

A game can’t be played on a table alone. You must have pucks and strikers for the game. These arrive with most tables, but you can also buy them separately. The striker is a small, round-shaped paddle with a long handle.

High-quality strikers typically come with soft padded bottoms to prevent scratching the table. The ergonomic handles found in advanced games are designed to provide greater comfort for prolonged play. It is particularly important for beginners not to ignore this.


Because there is such a variety of models available, finding the perfect air hockey table can be stressful. Our guide will provide you with some useful insight and help you with your search for the perfect dining table. The only thing that will make you glad to go home from work every day is if you have an actual air hockey table at home. Buy one now.

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