5 Best Intermediate Tennis Racquets 2022

The choice of tennis racquet becomes particularly critical as you progress to the intermediate level. The Tennis Racquet marketplace is soaring and here are the 5 most popular Tennis Racquets in operation today. Also, check BEST TENNIS BALL MACHINE 2021 (TOP Rated REVIEWS)

Babolat Pure Aero Graphite | Top Reviewed

This racquet is intended for intermediate players who want to dominate the baseline, as it is one of the best intermediate racquets available.

You should remember these 3 points above anything else from this review of pure aero racquets:

  • Spins superbly
  • Powerful
  • Rapid swinging

Stability and great speed are two features of the Pure Aero. Tennis racquets for intermediate players generally weigh 10.6 ounces, and this is a perfect weight. It is as light as air to play with the Pure Aero. In my opinion, it is a very successful product aimed at helping intermediate players become more fluid and lengthen their strokes.

This tennis racquet allows you to effortlessly apply spin to the tennis ball. Creating topspin through the design of the 16/19 strings and frame contributes to bouncing the tennis ball over the opponent’s head.

There is no reason to be afraid of tennis elbow. In Pure Aero, you’ll be able to hit with minimal vibration and maintain your health at the same time. In order to dominate opposing players, the Pure Aero is ideal for players who are aggressive and want to master a faster and longer swing.


  • The product weighs 300 grams
  • A 645mm wide head
  • This string has 16/19 patterns
  • 320mm is balanced
  • This beam measures 23/26/23

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet | Best for Beginners

Designed to break away from the traditional and offer traditional tennis racquet advantages, you get the very best of both worlds with the Wilson Clash 100. This is one of the few racquets which combines power, control, flexibility, and stability in a single frame.

Utilizing the vertical swings available in Clash 100 is a must. When the frame bends, it creates a pocket around the ball, which improves the general feeling of the frame at the same while ensuring that it provides superb stability.

As a tournament racquet, the Clash 100 is packed with technology and will increase a player’s skills to a great extent. The Wilson Clash 100 features the following technologies. With Free Flex, the racquet can bend in a way that creates a pocket around the ball. The technology is powered by the brand’s exclusive carbon mapping.

Players are more confident when swinging thanks to the technology which provides stability and power as a result of digital simulation. Tennis racquets using these technologies are some of the best available. There is a solid 11-ounce weight (strung) in the Clash 100, which has a 100-inch head size. With its open 16*19 string pattern, the racquet offers stunning performance.


  • Ball control is perfect
  • Swings easily
  • Powerful, yet lightweight
  • Advanced and intermediate players
  • The size is 4 1/2″
  • Wilson – Brand
  • 4 1/2-inch – grip size
  • Tennis – Sport Type
  • Graphite – material type
  • Graphite – Frame Material
  • Graphite is the shaft material
  • Weight: 0.06 pounds

Wilson Blade 98 V7 Tennis Racket | Quality String

A player looking for optimum control, manageability, and smooth feel would benefit from using the Blade V7 98. Tennis racquets with a good feel and relatively good power make a solid all-court choice. Among college players, the Blade is a very popular product.

For comfort and touch, the new blade version seven (V7) has a softer flex. To maintain control, Wilson Stable Feel Technology (computer-generated carbon mapping) provides high rigidity. Consequently, the racquet is highly controllable, has a soft feel, and is extremely flexible.

This racquet is available in 16×19 and 18×20 string patterns (note that old flex racquets were soft all over for less control). In terms of hard back-court hits, the 18×20 has a better feel. There is a firmness feel on the 16×19 with a bit more spin.

Although it is sometimes difficult to play with a racquet at first, you will notice an improvement in your game as soon as you find the right one. It can be very helpful for rallies to have the strength generated by the racquet. It’s easy to play any shot once you get your timing right.

A string racquet adds precision, spin, and weight to every shot, enabling it to defend against strong hitters exceptionally well. Additionally, players are able to change the pace with minimal flutter.


  • Construction based on countervailing technology
  • Faster swing speeds due to lightweight design
  • Controls your shots well
  • The size is 4 1/8″
  • Wilson – Brand
  • 4-1/8″ – grip size
  • Play type: Tennis
  • The braided graphite + basalt – material type
  • Advanced, professional – skill level
  • Basalt and braided graphite – frame
  • Braided graphite and basalt – shaft material

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Ultra 100 V3.0 | Wilson Tennis Racquet

Power and stability improvements in the Ultra 100 v3 will be helpful to players with more of a horizontal swing. In addition to dynamic geometric improvements, the frame composition is crisp for a strikingly smooth appearance.

Integrated Perimeter Weighting and Sweet Spot Channel are the two key components of PowerProfile’s new design. This added strength and power improve the overall quality of the product. Whether you are a club player, a rising junior, or a doubles player, the power and stability of this racket make it appealing.

With so many features, the Wilson Ultra 100 has a lot to offer. While it is capable of being good defenders and baseliners, it offers a different experience for those who love to be on the net. Having this superb feel is excellent since you can make your game better because of its sensitivity and control.

In strung form, the Wilson Ultra 100 is 11.2 ounces, so it’s strong enough to absorb any power your opponents throw at you, while still giving you the punch you need to play at the top of your game.

A large sweet spot will help connect properly with the ball as long as the head size remains big enough. This frame is designed with a 16 x 20 string pattern for excellent response and spin. You can use this racquet if you aren’t sure of your playing style (such as spin, power, or comfort).


  • The size is 4-1/8
  • Wilson – Brand
  • The grip size is 4 1/8
  • Type of sport – Tennis
  • The material is graphite
  • The skill level of a beginner
  • Material of the frame: graphite
  • Graphite Carbon Fiber – Shaft Material

Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet | 3rd Generation 16/19 Strung

Babolat presents the Pure Strike range with two important innovations: C2 PURE FEEL powered by SMAC delivers the ultimate feel, while Control Frame Technology gives unmatched control and stability.

With a new filtration system based on vibration, C2 PureFeel is powered by SMAC, which gives each shot a pure feel. Our Control Frame technology ensures maximum control since it has been developed to combine the stability of a square beam structure with the dynamism of an elliptical structure.

The tennis component manufacturer Babolat has developed a new invention called ‘Pure Strike’, which revolutionizes the game. With its innovative design, the racquet allows players to generate astonishing amounts of speed and force while hitting the ball.

In addition to its 16*19 string pattern, Babolat Pure Strike has incredible spin. This was created for hitting precision shots. Comparing the graphite frame to the iconic Pure Drive, it is less tiring on the arm. Pure Strike racquets are made with a variety of technologies, including:

String dynamic system for woofers:

This system prevents the string from joining the frame and gives the strings more freedom. A trampoline effect is created by the free movement, generating tremendous power and easily absorbing shocks.

Typical hybrid framework:

An elliptical and square framework together to create it. By carefully constructing the frame, the player can get a sense of responsiveness, warmth, and control.

Building power systems for FSI:

An improved power, comfort, playability, and spin with low-density string beds. Several colors of the synthetic gut are available with this high-quality strung racquet. Despite this, the strings do not feature the Babolat Stencil logo.


  • Pure Strike is designed with speed in mind so that you can land your first spin fast.
  • Enhanced hitting experience with a more robust backbone.
  • Impressive precision and powerful strokes
  • The size is 4_5/8
  • Babolat – Brand
  • The grip size is 4_5/8
  • Type of Sport: Tennis
  • Weight: 305 grams

Afterthoughts: Best Tennis Racquet

If you’re at the intermediate level, then you’re probably fairly serious about tennis and are committed to improving. Consider investing in a tennis ball machine to accelerate your improvement. When you start to take tennis seriously, this is something to keep in mind.

The high financial investment involved in tennis makes it one of the most popular sports. Your health and potential can be enhanced if you play tennis. There are many players and pros interested in learning more about tennis since it is such a popular sport on the world stage. Several tennis racket brands introduce new technologies every year, including Head, Babolat, and Wilson.

To improve your technique and become a better player, you must purchase the correct equipment as you progress. Start assessing your play based on a “rubric” as you play tennis.

  1. What are your groundstroke, volley, and service quality?
  2. What are your most common unforced errors in the match?
  3. Who are you and what is your style of play?

Tennis is a sport in which you can become a better player by answering questions like these, which will guide you towards becoming a better player. Choosing a tennis racquet for the intermediate level is largely based on its ability to grow with you. Advanced players should find a racquet that fits their game and their style of play and become more proficient with it.

Characteristics of the Best Intermediate Tennis Racquets

Additional Control:

As a beginner, you should focus on trying to get enough power on the ball to cross the net. It will be immediately smashed back by any decent opponent. In addition, beginners need a racquet with large heads and plenty of power. Designed for beginners, these nets will make sure the ball will land over the net. Tennis racquets designed for beginners are easy to use, but can limit your growth as you improve!

In time, you will start to see your swing grow longer and more fluid when you master the basics. In the long run, you’ll experience more unforced errors if you keep using the wrong tennis racquet.

As an intermediate player, you must use tennis racquets built for control. Instead of just trying to get the ball over the net, you need to have more touch and feel in your game. Putting a spin on your shots will allow you to hit them where you want. A racquet will certainly help you add control to your game as you become a more advanced tennis player.

Weighing more:

An intermediate tennis racquet tends to be heavier than a tennis racquet that is beginner level. You’ll see an immediate improvement in your tennis game once you switch to these rackets. I’d advise you to use slightly heavier racquets for control.

Tennis racquets like the RF Pro Staff, weighing over 12 ounces, are not the right choice for those coming from 9.5-ounce racquets. You can injure yourself more quickly by doing this.

You’ll be able to make more explosive strokes and improve playability with a slightly heavier racquet. In addition to being more solid and consistent in being able to receive and return powerful shots from your opponent, the best intermediate tennis racquets are also more responsive and responsive in terms of having more power.

Tennis elbow is not caused by heavier racquets, despite popular belief. Tennis elbow can sometimes be relieved by using heavier tennis racquets. Your elbows are protected and more vibration is absorbed by them.

The Spin:

You’ll notice that the very best players do not only overwhelm you with the power of their hands as they advance from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Adding spin is what they do. The more the better. That’s why spin capability is an important aspect to consider when moving away from beginner racquets. Most of the top tennis racquets for intermediate players produce more spin as well as power!

Added spin is made possible by a combination of specific string patterns and improved frame design. In order to develop this technique, you need to choose the right racquet. A racquet’s choice can improve your game quickly and make a huge difference between the amateurs and the professionals.


Ideally, the head size should be between 100 and 105 square inches. Power and maneuverability are ample in that range. A person’s grip size is determined by their hand.

A beginner, intermediate, and advanced array of racquets is available. People often fall into the intermediate or tweener category because tweener racquets can be used for multiple purposes and are great multi-purpose racquets.

A Wilson Ultra is probably the best choice. This racket is great for groundstrokes and for court play.

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