Best Kids Air Hockey Tables 2022 (Top-Quality)| Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You know it can be a challenge to keep children entertained indoors if you have kids. Instead of playing video games or browsing the internet, air hockey tables are great additions to any game room. It would be our pleasure to assist you in finding the perfect match for your family.

A table for air hockey will increase the enjoyment of the family or friends by stimulating friendly competition. This game is popular in the gaming industry due to its easy rules and ability to be played in a short period of time.

Here are our top 3 recommendations:

It doesn’t matter what your budget is or what space you have available, you’ll find the right table for your home. Models with optional extras such as lights and games are also available.

Triumph Fire’ n Ice | Stong Built & Durable

Air hockey tables for kids can be expensive, but this one, which fits just the right size (54 inches long), is quite affordable. Your children or teens can play air hockey for less than $1,000 thanks to the only air hockey table offering such an affordable price.

The table is not only fun for children, but it will also be appealing to adults as well. A scorekeeper, LED corner lights, and a blower provides lighting on this kid’s air hockey table. The game can be played after just a few minutes of assembly, and includes two strikers and a puck.

An air hockey table that is professional quality is virtually unbreakable. The modest price, however, makes this table an excellent option for children.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble and ready to play
  • A scorekeeper and LED corner lights complete the package


  • A professional air hockey table is more robust and sturdy

Atomic 90 Air Powered Hockey Table | Updated Design

With this table’s fantastic air pressure and LED lighting, air hockey games will be brighter and more enjoyable. Whether or not you choose to play air hockey in the dark, LED lights enhance the experience by reacting to each player’s activity.

With an overall length of 7.5 feet, this air hockey table is a good fit for teenagers and adults who enjoy competitive play. Have a look at The Best Ping Pong and Air Hockey Table Combos

This 120V motor provides the puck with a cushion of air to allow it to glide across the table comfortably. There are also two LED strikers and three pucks in the set, two of which are LED versions.


  • High-quality air pressure
  • The experience of LED lights is thrilling
  • Both teens and adults will enjoy this game


  • Score systems can sometimes be unstable

Goplus Air Powered | Electronic Scoring

The Goplus compact air hockey set is suitable for both young and older children, who can display their skills and do tricks with the game. The table’s heavy-duty construction keeps it from wobbling or rocking as you are using it, while its lightweight design means it can be installed in a corner or stored in a closet once you are done using it.

Due to its powerful DC motor, the puck can be smoothly propelled over all surfaces without even stumbling. Considering the Goplus table’s military quality and affordable price, a full-sized table is not a good choice for gamers with limited space.


  • Smooth Surface
  • Strong Construction
  • Easy to Assemble


  • This is not a battery-powered device which means you can only play it indoor

How do you find the right product?

Before buying any product based on your needs, you need to consider certain common features. Selecting the right product becomes easier.

Table design:

If you enjoy air hockey, playing with your family is a must. There are, however, kids-friendly tables made from medium-density fiberboard. Tables designed for kids are generally considered more unstable than heavy-duty, traditional tables.


Stability is the most important factor. For your kids to make a shot, they have to lean forward. Due to this, they brought a lot of weight to the table. A cheap model, for example, might collapse under its own weight, rendering the product unsafe for your family.

Tables for air hockey stand alone, however, are barely different from traditional tables. They are just small versions of real tables. These tables work similarly to traditional game tables in terms of their setup and features.


Those who lack the space to house a standalone unit may benefit from one of the best tabletop air hockey tables. Tabletop air hockey tables are also highly portable and can be taken along on family vacations since they can easily be transported.

The tables are in general 2 to 4 feet long; however, they are lighter than other air hockey tables, so they can stack under a kitchen table. In comparison to their competitors, they come in at a discount and are a good match for most budgets.

Although you will have to be careful not to apply excessive force during the game since these tables aren’t as stable as standard air hockey tables. This table is a great choice for children.

Leg Adjuster:

Due to their ability to maintain a straight alignment, they guarantee a table’s stability even on uneven surfaces. With air hockey tables, there are many different types of adjustable leg levelers to choose from, varying in their functionality.


It’s possible to get a small tabletop air hockey table as well as a gigantic 7 foot-long table. It is essential that you measure your space before buying a table for games to ensure the game will fit well, and that the players can move about the table easily.

Power System:

An air hockey table is equipped with two or four fans for blowing air through the holes. As a result of air being present, the disc is elevated above the surface and so, it floats smoothly across it. Usually, air hockey tables are operated with batteries or electricity, so they need some energy to function.

For those wishing to have portability and use the device while camping or on an island without electricity, a battery-powered model is a great choice. Unfortunately, a battery-powered air hockey table has considerably smaller fans as compared to the table powered by electricity.


Large-scale air hockey tables with all kinds of extras and features can easily exceed $1000. You can find smaller air hockey tables for under $100. Your budget and the frequency of use of the table should influence how much you spend.

It is clear that a product’s price determines its quality. We recommend choosing a table built robustly and designed for heavy use not only because they tend to undergo a lot of stress during a game, but also because they come with a warranty.


With air hockey, your kids can keep hands-on and engaged without having to be as physically active as they would playing basketball. Using air hockey to challenge yourself is a low-impact aerobic activity that improves hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular health. You can also spend time with your whole family during a rainy weekend afternoon.

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