Best Ping Pong Paddle For Beginners | Under 50$

With a small bat and a lightweight ball, table tennis players hit the ball across the table. In singles and doubles, the court has two and four players, respectively.

Top 4 Ping Pong Paddles are given below;

Beginners will find that this article can help them improve their playing skills without spending too much money. The following are our top choices for ping pong paddles under $50, after thorough research. Moreover, we consider the durability of these paddles when selecting them.

Supreme Stiga Ping Pong Paddle | Budget-Friendly

Players who are changing from casual to serious play will find the Stiga Supreme a welcome addition. It is well-rounded and is suitable for average performances. The rubber layer and 2mm soft sponge enhance the ball’s defensive performance.

This 6-ply blade is glued with “FUTURE” rubber inverted. As a result, the blade is covered in smooth rubber on the simple side of the rubber. With this racquet, one can play controlled shots very easily. Compared with its competitors, which weigh 4.6 ounces, this racquet is light.

In this regard, it is a good defensive racquet, though it lacks power and speed. Also, it is permitted to be used in tournament play and is approved by the ITTF.


  • Beginner or intermediate players can use this paddle
  • It is useful to return the service and push
  • Controls backspin well and chops effectively
  • Affordable prices


  • Lacking power and slow
  • Loops and top-spins are not good.

Jet 200 by Killerspin Ping Pong Paddle

Among the best beginner table tennis rackets in the last five years, the Killerspin JET200 table tennis paddle stands out among the competition. Recent changes have been made to its design. There are three colors available. Nevertheless, its performance is kept constant.

Despite its low entry price, Jet200 provides performance and value. Its superior performance over less expensive paddles is one of the key features of Killerspin. A player can acquire enough rotational and offensive power by using it. Curled and tight rubber makes it an effective offensive weapon due to its enhanced defense.

The spin is also light, making it a good tool for beginners to work on their shots and learn the technique. It may be smaller than other spinners, but it has a 100% sweet spot.


  • Simple to use.
  • Excellent value.
  • Control and power go hand in hand.
  • A beginner can get enough spin with this.
  • The distribution of weights is balanced.


  • Handle is smaller

401 Butterfly Ping Pong Paddle | For Beginners to Advanced Players

Ping pong beginners often choose Butterfly 401 as their paddle as it is more suitable than other paddles. Because the price of this paddle is low, you can purchase it in an instant when you decide to play. Speeds and spins are great because of this paddle, as well as control.

A paddle-like one is designed to help players who have not yet developed their balance and strength during the process of playing table tennis. It is a cheap product with a long shelf life, so you will get good value for your money. At this price, it offers the greatest lifespan. The game is, therefore, a good introduction for beginners.

Its rubber does not lose elasticity over time, unlike paddles in this price range. For aggressive shots, the blades work well. It does not have a perfect balance, however. Paddle controls like this are unique. This is due to the paddle having a smaller handle and therefore it is more difficult to grip. Having a big hand therefore will make playing difficult for the player.


  • The spinning disc provides perfect speed, control, and spin.
  • Speed and rotation are generated by its rubber to defeat opponents.
  • Easily gripped, it offers superior friction.
  • The paddle is protected by a case.
  • ITTF has approved it as a tournament format.


  • Balance is poor.

Professional Custom Gamble Ping Pong Paddle

In the US pro shop, this racquet is assembled and manufactured. The lacquered blade is glued with two ITTF/USASTT approved rubbers. 5-ply IM7 Graphite is used to construct the blade. Top-spin and long dwell time make this the perfect option for players looking for high-spin.

The fibers in IM7 Graphite are tightly bound to the Koto outer ply, granting IM7 an extremely comfortable feel. A smooth finish is achieved by hand-sealing the blade with a custom design. The blade is also covered with mechanical rubber and Gambler Zero, which provide incredible spinning ability.

The racquet’s surface is made to be non-tacky if you want to play away from the table. The racquet is also equipped with a taped edge so it is ready for play. If the rubbers on your tennis racquet are worn out, you can replace them. As with many lightweight racquets, this paddle weighs 176 gm.


  • A balance is achieved by the assembly of the handle.
  • It is strengthened with tape at the edges.
  • An affordable rubber replacement.
  • Rubber and sponge make the ball spin very well.
  • Playing far from the surface is non-tacky.


  • The weight of this one is a bit higher than the others.

After Thoughts:

Paddles are available in different styles from different brands. You must choose a paddle with great care if you are a beginner. Selecting a new paddle requires a few considerations. Each player has a different way of executing and gripping the bat.

Paddles have to be selected according to your playing style as well. Furthermore, the ranking can also be used to decide which paddle to choose. Play, control, and strength determine the rating. The features of each paddle are different from one brand to another, so choose the paddle that best suits your needs.

They are some of the best Ping Pong paddles for Table Tennis available within a $50 budget mentioned above. It depends on your needs in the sport which option you choose.

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