Best Small Air Hockey Table | Budget-Friendly & Durable

An air hockey table can provide unlimited amusement for you and your family, and you can hold friendly competitions with your friends. A favorite arcade game because of its straightforward rules and quickly-paced gameplay.

There’s an air hockey table to suit every space and budget, from full-sized tables suitable for professional play to tabletop versions suitable for any room in the house. Additional accessories may also be included in certain models.


If we were to discuss the best air hockey table, then there are so many tables that come to mind, and obviously, we can’t list them all. This guide will suggest small, easy-to-set-up tables that can easily be kept around the home. You can buy these tables on Amazon.

Air Hockey 40-Inches Table Top | Playcraft Sports

Compared to other air hockey tables on the market, this tabletop model provides a superior experience. It is possible to store tables like this until they are needed. This piece features gorgeous wood on the sides, particularly considering the price. If you are thinking of buying one for your child, then this kind of table would be a good choice.

Cheaper and smaller tables of air hockey are often ignored by many people. The reasoning behind this is understandable in some ways. Their quality is often poor. Regardless of the situation, you should always look deeper. A table is a good option for people who want a cheap table that is fun for their kids even if they are not big fans of air hockey. PlayCraft’s Sports table measures 40″ in diameter.


  •  Perfect for beginners.
  • The package includes 2 mallets and pucks
  • 40-inches, perfect for small spaces
  • Foldable
  • Affordable


  • Not for advanced players.

Table Top HX40 Inches | Sports Squad

Mini air hockey tables are not competitive, although they can be fun and games at home. Setting it up is convenient and easy. There aren’t any specific legs on this one, so no other accessories are needed.

With a table as a foundation, this set can be used most effectively. In addition to being ideal for children, you can also sit and play with it for adults, as you can see from the product photos. Taking this to a friend’s house to play a game night is easy because it is lightweight and simple to set up.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Portable


  • Gameplay is basic

40 Inches Air Hockey Table Top | Harvil

A Harvil mini air hockey table can be used on top of a table for playing air hockey. This table does not sit very high because it has short legs. Reviews describe this air hockey table as the best air hockey table for kids due to its size and height.

 Kids also love its graphics. It weighs less than 15 pounds, making it extremely light. Furthermore, its short legs allow it to be easily transported. In the box, you will find two paddles and pucks. No separate purchase is necessary.


  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • A great option for kids
  • Perfect for indoor play


  • Manual Scoring system
  • Not for adults

Buying Guide:

The fans of air hockey can choose from a variety of air hockey tables out there. Several tables are available on the market, including models that can be folded up, are affordable, and are suitable for a small family.

When choosing an air hockey table, you should consider a few essentials. A low-quality mini air hockey table would be a waste of money. Playing the game becomes impossible if your equipment is defective, you need to keep score in order to keep up, or you drop the puck. A quality mini air hockey table should include the following features.


Your miniature air hockey table should be measured according to its dimensions. The measurements must be matched, for example, if it is for a top, such as a coffee table or dining room table. Air hockey tables larger than 40 inches often cannot fit under small coffee tables, which makes it more difficult to play the game effectively.

Smaller versions of the table are difficult to play with even for older children and adults. The smaller the table, the faster the game will go, and you may have trouble using the pushers if you are an adult. Small tables are usually preferred by children


Tabletop air hockey tables should have plenty of stability since they are typically lighter and less sturdy than other models. To remain upright, tables must have firmly attached and stable legs. When the objectives are not working well, maintaining stability is essential. Aside from that, it isn’t useful. As a result, starting with a well-made table is essential.


Putting up and storing heavy tables can be challenging. Weightless products are most often preferred. When playing, tables with lighter surfaces are more likely to be accidentally pushed. It’s important to not sacrifice strength for lightweight.

The Warranty:

In addition to the brief mention we made above, some of these products do not come with long-term warranties. Because of their nature, every one of them performs a specific function. They may be damaged during transport or play. Like Harvil’s 40-in Tabletop Air Hockey Table, some manufacturers offer 90-day warranties.

Scoring System:

Manual or electronic scoring systems are available. You won’t need counters when playing because the score is calculated automatically by an electronic system. This allows you to play while not counting as you go. Tracking the score during the game can be more reliable and easier.

Wrapping Up:

These are all the best tabletops mentioned above. Their durability and portability make them ideal for use. We admire the Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table because it is easy to assemble and comes in a quirky design, which kids love. There aren’t many mini air hockey tables that can compete with this one. You can buy these products on amazon.

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