Best Table Tennis Ball Picker – Review & Buying

Table tennis is the perfect game to play to pass the time while we are in the middle of a pandemic. How could you dislike it? It’s pretty awesome, right? Oh, I know! It’s that part of the game that requires you to collect each ball individually.

Many balls are running wild on a table tennis court, so it’s pretty natural. Picking them up by hand will become second nature during practice sessions, bending as you retrieve them. Additionally, it is tiring on the back, which becomes complex over time.

To simplify the process of picking up table tennis balls, you can get yourself the best table tennis ball picker. Having these units on hand is incredibly convenient, allowing you to collect stray ping pong balls quickly without bending down. Choose from a variety of options, and they aren’t all expensive.

This article will assist you in improving your game by providing table tennis ball picker advice.

Reviews of My Ping Pong Buddy Ball Picker V5

The pickers claim you’ll never want to go back to manually collecting balls once you’ve tried My Ping Pong Buddy ball picker. Incredibly simple to use, this ball collection tool is fully equipped to catch a ball effortlessly.

There’s not much more impressive than this ball picker. This ball picker can pick up to 100 balls with just one hand. With no net to empty, you don’t have to stop while picking up more balls. This table tennis ball picker not only picks up one ball at a time; it can pick up several balls at once.

Having a ball in one corner of the floor while practicing with a robot will not only eliminate you from bending your knees but will also reduce the time it usually takes.


  • The package measures 23.13 x 7.33 x 7.29 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces
  • Polyurethane, wood, aluminum, steel-Material
  • Ping Pong Buddy-Brand
  •  Adults 10 – 95-age
  • Type of Sport-Table Tennis

Silfrae Table Tennis Ball Picker

With that being said, this picker must rank among the toughest you will ever find on the market, especially for its price. Featuring heavy-duty springs and aluminum construction, this picker remains lightweight and durable.

One of the most valuable features of this product is that the handle can be adjusted to fit people of all sizes. This means that you won’t have to move anything other than your arm. The ball gets inside the basket once you press on it, and no matter how many you collect, the ball won’t come out until you let go.

This unit is equipped with an adjustable handle, which can be moved from 60cm to 90cm at any time to suit your needs. This results in easy retrievals of bouncing balls, even under corners. Using just the ball, you must press the button against it and guide it over it.


  • Ping-Pong and table tennis balls can be picked up with the picker
  • Stainless steel springs mounted on aluminum frames for durability and lightweight
  • It can be adjusted from 60cm to 90cm, suiting most heights.
  • User-friendly
  • GUARANTEE of 100% refund for 30 days
  • Type of Sport-Table Tennis
  • Atoll-Color
  • A polyester-based material
  • Silfrae-Brand

Babo M 100 Multi Table Tennis Ball boy Picker Upper

One of the best value table tennis accessories you can buy is this multi-ball picker, which has incredible features and an affordable price. To start with, it’s effortless to use. After a training session or a match, it is an effective tool to pick up stray ping pong balls because of its lightweight construction.

A 1.2-pound product like this is also quite durable, so you can use it for quite a while before having to replace it. For reaching balls stuck in tight spaces, the unit is equipped with retractable handles.

The open design of the device allows you to take it out easily when you’re done collecting. For convenience, the unit’s handle can be taken apart to be moved from one place to another with ease.


  • Measures 14x9x5 inches,
  • The weight of 12 ounces
  • Market-leading durability
  • Box can be used as a multi-ball rack when the handle is detached.
  • Portability
  • It can store over 100 balls

Newgy Robots

Newgy Pong-Pal ping pong ball collectors can collect 23 ping pong balls at a time. The Pong-Pal ball collector can hold both 38 mm and 40 mm ping pong balls, which can be helpful in local clubs that have retained a 38 mm standard, despite the ITF allowing 40 mm balls.

You will receive two extra replacement bands with your Pong-Pal. A replacement will be provided if any problems arise during the collector’s lifetime. It’s easy to break apart and carry in your bag if you don’t want to leave it at the club.

Table tennis has always been Newgy Industries’ primary target, and it still is today. This was and still is Newgy’s primary objective, to transform players’ practices and learning processes. Players at all levels needed a tool that could take the place of that missing practice partner since regular practice can be challenging to coordinate for most players.

After moving beyond its original intent, the company now has a product line that can cater to those who are simply looking to have fun and those who are racing to practice for competitions.


  • This Pong-Pal ball picker is quick and easy
  • The balls are picked up much faster and are more accessible from the floor.
  • Your balls can even be retrieved under the table or floor with its angled end.
  • The ping-pong ball is held in a 23 (40 or 38 mm) ring.

iPong Telescoping Table Tennis Ball Pickup Net

A ball collector like the IPong one is a handy tool for quickly gathering ball sets when training. In addition to its large capacity, this product offers several other quality improvements over similar products, including a net that can support up to 100 ping pong balls.

As it is retractable, you can adjust the handle to your taste. It adds value to the device, regardless of its minor nature, and makes it appear more valuable. Simply use a twist lock at the end of the handle to attach the ball to a place that is hard to reach, such as under the couch. This equipment will significantly reduce cleaning time on your table tennis court.


  • Portable, this table tennis and ping pong ball net are ready whenever you are
  • Collecting balls has never been easier or faster. It’s as easy as dragging.
  • Using the handle will help you get rid of ping pong balls underneath the table.
  • The net is wide, so many balls can be collected at once
  • Net sizes range from 50″x11.62″ inches.

After Thoughts:

This ball selector is straightforward to use, and it’s very efficient at what it does. The game gets the chance to focus on the part no one likes, and you get to spend more time playing. With any of the selectors you choose, you will never be disappointed.

Design is all that matters. While smaller pickers are impossible to fit underneath the table, giant pickers fit nicely and can take up more balls than smaller ones.

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