The Best Table Tennis Paddle Under 100$ : Complete Buying Guide

Ping pong paddles need a lot of consideration. Performance can be enhanced and games can be made memorable through it. Ping pong paddles currently on the market were examined in-depth by our team of researchers. In keeping up with the elite attributes of ping pong paddles, you might need to spend a lot more money. The team reviewed and ranked them based on quality, performance, and price.


In our selection, we have chosen 3 paddles that are affordable and have advanced features. A paddle such as this one is designed more for those who are skilled at the basics and are looking to improve their performance in all areas of the sport. As well as highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each paddle, we will outline the components of each.

Jet 800 Speedy Table Tennis Paddle by Killerspin

Among its selection of premade bats, JET 800 is a paddle that possesses a high speed. An advanced recreational athlete looking to use a shake hand paddle will enjoy this paddle because its style adds speed and spin to the strokes.

It weighs 190 grams, which is heavier than a normal paddle. A paddle like this is perfect for people who play offensively. Five wood layers and two carbon layers are sewn along the blade, ensuring less vibration where the blade meets the water.

The rubber from Nitrx causes a nullifying effect on shots that have a high spin rate since the top sheet is tacky. JET’s paddle is equipped with a thick sponge of 2.1mm, which is ideal for offensive use – the extra spring it gives shots, as well as better spin, will help make them more accurate.

In this case, the Speed N2 has a classier, more stylish design than the original Killerspin JET 800. There are two carbon layers in the Killerspin JET800 Speed N1. As long as you stay in control, this combination will give you more pop when you play aggressively.


  • Approved by the ITTF
  • Affordable
  • Heavy & Strong Blade
  • Side tape made from wood


  • The heavy paddle may be hard for beginners to carry

Infinity Edge Table Tennis Paddle by JOOLA

The Infinity Edge from JOOLA is an all-around, shakehand paddle that provides many desirable characteristics while remaining affordable. Paddles with 7 plies generally strike the water consistently and powerfully from all areas of the blade.

Blades are made from three different types of wood. The speed of the blade is provided by Hinose, Koto, and Ayous, while softness and control are provided by Ayous. For the Infinity Edge, JOOLA uses its Driver 42 rubber, which provides excellent grip and tackiness, making the ball spins extremely well. The 2.2mm thickness of the sponge provides extensive speed, as well as spin, in all areas of strike on the rubber.

This is a great shot-maker paddle that is excellent for more advanced shooters. The paddle comes with everything you need at a lower price point than other paddles on this list.


  • Perfect for advanced players
  • The strong layering of wood
  • Large sweet spot
  • Affordable


  • Layers of hardwood make it heavy and can be difficult to carry at first

Pro Carbon Table Tennis Paddle by Stiga

S5 rubber on the blade and 2.0mm sponge make up STIGA’s 7-ply blade. Hence, high-performance carbon used in blades increases rigidity and increases the speed of shots. There is IITF approval for the rubber. Using Nano Composite technology, the paddle is made. This results in greater speed and better spin due to the tighter and stronger rubber band.

Paddles such as these are designed for advanced players. In the ultra-lightweight rubber, countless tiny air pockets provide a racquet with better control, speed, and elasticity. ACS technology was used to design this feature.

For an authentic playing experience, the paddle also uses Balsa and Crystal technologies. A combination of 3 special features makes up STIGA Pro Carbon’s WRB technology. Balance: The point where the racquet makes contact with the ball is where the racquet’s weight is transferred. Having a lighter blade allows the stroke to recover more quickly after every stroke. It is strategically placed within the handle recess to provide additional ball sensitivity. The shock dispersion tube is also included. Concave protrudes from the handle.


  • Perfect for advanced players
  • ITTF-approved
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy


  • A bit heavy / requires a strong grip

Buying Guide:

You should choose the handle style that suits the way you hold your paddle. Table tennis paddles are usually held in one of two ways: penhold grip and shakehand grip. Chinese players once applied this grip quite frequently, although now it is far less common.

Shakehand grips work by using the index finger of the hand extended over the rubber and the remaining fingers closed around the handle. Currently, the majority of European professionals use it to distribute power evenly on both the forehand and backhand. In most cases, amateurs and professionals use shakehand grips in some form.

If you are picking a paddle for ping pong, make sure it has an ergonomic handle that you feel comfortable holding. A penhold grip calls for a short handle or penhold, whereas a shakehand grip requires a longer handle.

Speed and Control:

One might find it difficult to choose the perfect ping pong paddle, what with the infinite options available. The purpose of a ping pong paddle is to serve three main functions; by understanding each function, you can choose the right paddle. With speed rackets, you can hit fast or slow. Rubber paddles come in various types and thicknesses.

Generally, thicker rubber paddles are faster than thin rubber paddles. Speed is affected by the thickness of the paddle rubber; a thicker rubber allows you to generate more spin. You’ll have more or less control over the ball depending on the design of the paddle.

Speed, spin, and control are all constrained by each, so if you have more control, you can spin and turn faster. For a beginner, the control rating should be high. As they advance, more speed and spin should be added. Thicker rubber has less control than rubber that is thinner.

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