Best Table Tennis Player of all time [2022 Update and Review]

How can we decide who the most significant player of all time is? Based on their achievements and experiences. A rectangular tennis table table is used for playing table tennis, which is similar to ping pong in that players stand on either side with paddles. Despite the fact that field tennis is more popular, some players in this game are famous internationally.

Asia is the most dominating nation in this sport, followed by Germany and individuals from around the globe. There are two players we cannot decide between, so we try to find the best one. The following is each of them:

Ma Long

The Chinese player born on October 20th, 1988, merits his spot on this list. 2004 was the year when he won gold medals at both the Asian Games and World Junior Championship. His career of his has continued to soar since then. Before March 2015, he was ranked number 2 globally, having been ranked number 1 for over 30 months. He is currently the longest-reigning male world number 1 player of all time.

Ma Long holding ping pong paddle

Five consecutive times Long won 35 sets in a row. In the ITTF Pro Tour, he has won 11 consecutive events, the most consecutive wins ever. He became known as “ITTF Pro Tour King” for winning every match he played in ping pong, making him the first man to achieve this feat. A champion at the Olympics, World Cup, and World Championships makes him the fifth player to accomplish the feat.

Specifically, his forehand is composed of a red Tenergy 05, and his backhand is composed of a black Nittaku Hurricane 3 Neo. As a result of his two-winged looping technique, he is recognized as one of the greatest table tennis players in history.

Jan-Ove Waldner

In non-Chinese table tennis history, Waldner (from Sweden) is renowned for his success. At one time, he was reportedly more prominent in China than United States president Bill Clinton.

Jan-Ove Waldner holding ping pong paddle

He has been hailed as a great player because he maintained impressive eye-hand coordination throughout his career, one of the longest at that time. An opponent born the same year that he won his first Swedish championship title helped him win his ninth triumph. He was incredibly proud of this accomplishment.

The Chinese nicknamed him “Evergreen Tree” for the sheer length of time he had spent competing. It is not uncommon for him to face players who were one degree away from becoming professionals.

He won two gold medals in table tennis when it became a sport at the 1992 and 1996 Olympics. The year 2000 was a silver year. Three gold medals on the European Championships circuit in 1996 were won by him as a player, a doubles player, and a team player.

In a conclusion:

Two of the best tennis players in history hold records spanning 78 years due to the body that keeps track of the records, the ITTF, founded in 1926 and incorporated into the Olympic games in 1988.

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