Best Table Tennis Rubber For Excellent Performance – Expert Reviews

Rubber is essential to each stroke because it influences how the ball behaves. You may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of different types and options available and may wonder how they work or how to choose the right one.

The following guide will tell you how to choose the best table tennis table rubber for your game, along with suggestions on what to try next.

Top Table Tennis Rubber

The following options have proven to be helpful in the past, so we hope you will find them helpful too.

1. Butterfly Tenergy 05 Review

Those looking for a new rubber should turn to the Butterfly Tenergy 05. Timo Boll uses it, and other players worldwide favor it because of its high tension, tacky texture.

2. Yasaka Mark V Review

Beginners will benefit from a thinner paddle, but advanced players who desire control and spin will also find it a good choice.

3. Reviews of DHS Hurricane 3 Neo

A DHS Hurricane 3 Neo with a high speed is very responsive to your stroke. The rubber will react slowly when you play a passive shot. On the other hand, it will react quickly when you play an active shot.

4. Reviews of Tibhar Evolution MX-P

With these rubbers, you will understand what the acronym MX-P means. Rubber manufactured by Tibhar is extremely fast, and if Tibhar were not branded, you wouldn’t know it from             Tenergy.

Table Tennis Rubber

A rubber surface covers the entire surface of a ping pong paddle. Every time the bat strikes the ball, it’s this part that impacts the ball. As early as 1901, rubber top sheets were used on rackets, then sponge was added in the 1950s.

Today, we often refer to table tennis rubbers as a combination of sponges and rubber sheets. Even though they can be purchased separately, they are often sold together.

Purpose of Table Tennis Rubber

Ball speed is greatly influenced by the rubber when you hit it. As they absorb and reduce the ball’s speed, your opponents’ attacks will be slowed down, or you will be able to attack more effectively by playing more shots with speed.

You can also place many spins on the ball based on this factor. Tackier rubber allows the ball to stay in contact longer and then produce more spin.

Qualities of Best Rubber


  • On your backhand, always aim for an offensive and fast shot
  • Using Chinese rubber is a good idea if you can hit hard with your backhand side
  • Make sure the rubber you choose has an ESN scale hardness between 41 and 50. The level of hardness is the perfect balance between soft and hard.


  • Hard rubber exceeding 53 ESN degrees should not be used.
  • Ideally, you should choose a rubber that is 2.15 or 2.0 mm thick. 2.23mm or less is the maximum thickness
  • Beginners should avoid using thick rubber


  • Avoid using rubber that is too soft. A rubber soft enough to drop the ESN scale to 35 will provide more spin to the ball but significantly reduce its speed.
  • Use medium-hard rubber if you are a beginner. Your game will quickly improve if you practice it.
  • You should upgrade from soft to hard rubber if you want to see improvement in your game.

Final Words:

The four rubbers provided above are the most renowned in the world. Each product’s specifications and price can be viewed by clicking on its name. These products are recommended for you to try and you will be satisfied with them.

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