3 Best Tabletop Air Hockey Table | Top Models Mini-Tables for 2022

It is still worthwhile to buy a product of good quality that will last, even though these tables are better suited to fun party games than to competitive play. Every product review takes into consideration the product’s measurements and scoring system, accessory components such as pucks and pushers, and other factors such as the manufacturer’s warranty.

As we also reviewed how easy it is to assemble portable models attached to tabletops and take them down. Thousands of hours were spent reviewing multiple consumer reviews to create this guide. This article will let you know where to buy and what to buy.

Our Top 3 Picks 2022

Our mini air hockey table review and buying guide cover detailed reviews of how to choose the right model, followed by reviews of the best mini air hockey tables.

20 Inches MINI Table Top | Franklin Sports

This will surely be a blast for the kids, especially if you bring them along. Despite being of low quality, this game is entertaining and you do not have to spend too much money on it. With a set that includes both a scorer and pucks and pushers integrated into the set, you can begin playing immediately after putting it together.

It is possible to play arcade games that benefit the environment in a more compact package. Kids will be entertained for hours by pushing and packing like in a game room. As the puck moves, battery-operated blowers maintain continuous airflow. Enjoy playing this game with your family for hours. Also, read Best Table Tennis Rubber.


  • Easy to use and saves space
  • Suitable for children
  • Transportable
  • Scorer integrated into the system
  • Offers excellent value


  • Airflow feature is not very strong

40 Inch Air Hockey Tabletop | Rally Roar

A unique scorer and exclusive graphics highlight this design that will catch your attention. A quick game of air hockey can be played here in no time thanks to its easy assembly, dual airflow, and electricity.

Its compact design makes it the perfect game for both kids and adults. Having dimensions of 40″ by 20″ by 9″, it is small enough to fit anywhere and allow any tabletop to transform into a fun play area.


  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Accessories included
  • An easy-to-use design
  • Providing leg support


  • This item does not include batteries

40 Inch Air Hockey Tabletop | PlayCarft

Playing air hockey with your kids on this table is a great way to save space while still having fun. Despite its less reliable motor, this air hockey table is still suitable for playing moderately paced games with the kids. PlayCraft Sport’s lightweight 40-inch tabletop air hockey table is an excellent choice for children or occasional players who have limited space.

It’s that simple. Although it looks small, this piece extends 40 inches long. There are a few small accessories in this case. Adults would be unable to play poker at this table while looking serious at the same time.


  • Strong construction
  • Taking up less space
  • Easily transportable
  • Budget-friendly


  • Airpower motor could improve

Buying Guide | Which table should you buy?

An air hockey table is a great investment because of its many benefits. This simple and convenient fixture provides an ideal solution for enjoying this fun and thrilling game at home without having to take up any space in your home around the table.

In comparison to having to constantly set up tables and use valuable tabletop space, mini tables can be portable and easily packed away for use whenever you wish. All of this is only possible if you make the right purchase.

Sometimes what’s right for us may not be right for you, and we don’t want to impose our recommendations on you. To help you find your ideal table, we will look at a few common features.


The size of the tabletop, as well as the dimensions, will be important if you decide to display the miniature air hockey table. It may be difficult to play effectively with air hockey tables larger than 40 inches on top of small tables, and tables bigger than the air hockey table may be challenging to reach.

The smaller tables are impossible to play on, no matter how old or young you are. When you reach halfway in air hockey, it is easy to cheat if the tabletop is too low. Further, on a small table, the game can speed up too quickly, and on an adult table, the pushers may not be large enough. A small table is usually the best choice for children.


Although the design of these products does not usually matter to the decision, their marketing to younger consumers makes them better at capturing consumers’ interest. Children often respond well to products with a lively and exciting design. Take into consideration whether the legs included in the table are foldable.


A game cannot be played without pucks and pushers. No matter what size air hockey table you buy, you must take this into account. It will take mere minutes for your table to be set up once you buy them both together. Mini air hockey tables require special pucks and pushers.

Having pushers and pucks that are the right size is vital, and purchasing them with the table when it is purchased will ensure you get them. No matter what size pushers or pucks are best for small tables, they have to be of good quality.

Air Flow:

If you’re playing air hockey, you need to pay attention to airflow. The puck can stop dead if the airflow isn’t adequate and the table won’t be able to move properly as it should if you’ve ever paid for one in an amusement arcade.

Mini products tend to use 12V motors; the airflow isn’t as high on these products as it is on full-sized tables, so the motors don’t need to be as powerful. Blowers with weak power will cause the puck to move slowly, but so long as they are strong enough to maintain movement, this should not be a problem.


How quickly a table can be stored and assembled is largely determined by its weight. On this list, the lightest product weighs only 8 pounds, which is usually an important factor. Tables that are lighter are easier to move during play. Strength must not be compromised in the name of lightness.


In addition to the brief mention we made above, some of these products do not come with long-term warranties. Their purpose is based on their nature. Damage may occur during the shipping process or during handling.

Wrapping Up:

There are no better tables than those mentioned here. In case you still cannot decide, check out the buyer’s guide. When choosing a table, keep your budget in mind and look for one that is durable. Taking durability for granted should not be done.

In the whole list, we love the table from Rally Roar. As one of the more stable tables available for family members and older children, this mini air hockey table features powerful blowers. An excellent felt pad protects the surface from scratches. As well, scoring is done electronically. It received a 9.9 rating from us.

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