What’s the best way to cut half a tennis ball?

Besides playing games, tennis balls can serve a variety of other purposes. They can easily be moved around on furniture legs or walkers after they’re cut open to protect the floor and protect your furniture.

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You can use the tennis ball to massage your feet and back by cutting it in half. As long as you take precautions not to injure yourself, you can cut a tennis ball easily.

best way to cut half a tennis ball

When cutting tennis balls, you must use the right equipment. Discover how to cut a tennis ball for various purposes by following the instructions below.

Step 1:

Solid surfaces are required to hold the tennis balls firmly in place. Place the tennis ball on a cutting board or other knife-safe surfaces. The rounded edge of the seam should be facing up as you grasp the tennis ball with your non-dominant hand. When you handle the ball, use your ring and pinky fingers to support its back.

Step 2:

Slice the ball in half with a utility knife. Point your index finger at the blade and along the top edge of the knife when holding it with your dominant hand. Then poke slightly into the center of it with your knife inserted into the seams.

Step 3:

Slit the ball 1/12 inches (3.8 cm). Up and down movements of the blade will cut the rubber from the ball. Parallel to the seams, a cut should be made of 1/12 in (3.8 cm). As soon as you’re done cutting, you can remove the knife from the ball.

Step 4:

Slit the ball again after rotating it by 90 degrees. Rotate the ball so that you see the slit you cut vertically. To make a slit near its midpoint, insert the knife tip 3*4 in (1.9 cm) to the left of the first slit. To make an X-shape, cross the first split horizontally. You may take your knife out when your second slit reaches 1/12 in (3.8 cm) long.

Step 5:

You can hang the ball outside for 1 day to dry off any moisture. Tennis balls may contain small amounts of moisture inside which is harmful to furniture legs. Placing the ball so that it is cut face down is the best way to display it. Allow 1 day for the ball to dry out before using it Suggested What is the size of a tennis ball? Size, bounce, weight (inches)

Cutting it in halves

Circumscribe the ball by drawing a line. Put your dominant hand on the work surface and hold the ball steady. Draw a straight line directly over the ball where you wish to cut it. To continue the line around the surface of the ball, rotate it. You can check a line’s straightness by ensuring that the ends meet.

A hard surface should be against which you hold the ball. You can use a knife to easily slice into the ball if you set it on a cutting board. Make sure that the ball is gripped entirely by your non-dominant hand. With your pinky and your thumb, support the backside of the ball with three fingers. Your index finger and middle finger should be placed next to one another so that you get a straight cut.

Serrated knives are best for cutting. Make sure the knife blade is between your first and second fingers when you apply it. Throughout the cut, apply firm pressure. Cut the ball in half before you remove the knife.

Make your cut by rotating the ball. By 90 degrees, rotate the ball and hold it firmly for a second time. Cut along the line you drew with the blade of your knife. Cut the ball in half after rotating it 90 degrees. I hope you find this article useful.

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