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In purchasing combo tables, you can reclaim space you would otherwise waste if you bought two tables and an air hockey pool table. Moreover, by avoiding paying for two tables, you’re saving money. Thus, picking the right pool table and air hockey combination is crucial. Suggested The Best Ping Pong and Air Hockey Table Combos

This section will examine several popular options on the market.

Our Top Picks of 2022

Listed below are our top 3 suggestions when looking for a Combo Air Hockey Table.

BG1131M Triad 3-in-1 HATHAWAY Multi-Game Table with Pool

You can also consider the multi-game Triad Hathaway Triad table. You’ll have an amazing gaming experience. In this case, there is no such thing as getting bored playing just one game all the time.

In addition, the Hathaway Triad 3-in-1 48-inch Multi-Game Table BG1131M offers some of the most attractive features available for several table games. The event offers three different games to its visitors: table tennis, air hockey, and competitive pool.

At a single table, you can play all games. Easily removable and storable tabletops make them unique. Players can also switch between games quickly with this system.


  • Cleaning the table is easy
  • Stronger and longer-lasting
  • Provides built-in storage to make storing accessories easier
  • Both adults and children can use it


  • Moving it from one place to another is difficult due to its weight
  • Leg leveler is not included

JODELA Game Table with Foosball Table Pool Table Slide Hockey Games

One of the most common and leading air hockey and pool table combos is the JODELA Game Table with Foosball Table and Pool Table Slide Hockey Games for Family. Featuring a wide range of features, players will get an amazing view of gameplay as well as a fun experience. Those who enjoy many table games will find this a great choice.

The table can be used by children as well as by adults to play table games. Play three different table games at once with the JODELA Game Table with Foosball Table, Pool Table, and Slide Hockey Games for Family. Apart from air hockey and foosball, there is a pool table.

Tabletops can be easily switched between games to enable players to switch between games. It is not possible to play just one game and get bored all the time with this table.


  • Transportable and easy to carry
  • Simple to assemble
  • It’s easy to clean up


  • Does not have leg levers
  • The price was a bit high

Four-in-one swivel combination game table for ESPN

On our list of the best air hockey pool table combos, we feature a table from ESPN. In its category, it is the best table. Players can choose between four different games, including table tennis, air hockey, billiards, and finger shoot basketball.

The ability to play multiple games at one time is easy when you have this table. Supports are designed horizontally and laterally on the table legs, so they last longer. Due to all the accessories, it comes with, you can play various games on it.

In the built-in storage of the table, each accessory can be kept. Swivel tabletop design lets you play another game as soon as you become tired of one.


  • There is no age restriction; children, as well as adults, can enjoy it
  • Different games can easily be switched at one table.
  • Accessory kit for the games is included
  • Inbuilt storage makes it easy to store accessories


  • Transporting them can be challenging due to their size
  • Moreover, it is not suitable for small spaces

How do Combo Air Hockey Tables differ from traditional tables?

There is usually only one piece of slate on air hockey tables and pool tables. Using the best ice hockey pool table combo, players can enjoy both air hockey and pool simultaneously. The rotating bases of air hockey pool table combos make it possible to play multiple air hockey games and pool games simultaneously. You may also like What is the volume of a tennis ball?

Despite wanting to play both games but having no space in their homes to buy two separate tables, this product is designed to meet the needs of people who love to play both games. The multi-game table, however, can be switched from pool table to air hockey


Before we get into the top brands which you must consider, we want to break it down with the common features you should look for when selecting your combo table. This type of table offers you many benefits and features. A few key advantages are listed below.

Taking Up Less Space:

You are most likely to benefit from these tables in this regard. Typically, people do not like to play just one game but like to play a variety.

In most houses, people cannot fit all of their favorite activities inside, even if they love playing Air Hockey, Table Tennis, and pool simultaneously. Four games can be played simultaneously at several gaming tables without taking up much space in the house.


A table like this is designed so as not to ruin the original appeal of a game. You will feel as if you are playing on a separate game table if you play these games on these tables.

Everything you need:

A multi-game table features all that is necessary to play the particular game. As a result of their presence, these gaming tables perform satisfactorily.

Sound System and Auto Scoring:

Electronic LED systems track your score on these gaming tables. Moreover, the sound system in the table provides additional guidance about reversing directions or changing directions.

In a Conclusion:

Following a comprehensive evaluation of these best air hockey pool tables combo, it has been shown that such a splendid table can make it possible to enjoy multiple games within a small area.

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