Comparing Top Reviewed Tennis Racquet

Here is a short overview of the most popular tennis racquets so you can choose the right choice based on your skill level and playing style. Despite the wide range of skill levels, these companies make racquets for every tennis player.

Famous racquets of all time will be compared in terms of specifications below:

Babolat Pure Drive VS Wilson Blade 98

Let’s start with the most famous yet most common brands. Wilson and Babolat are the brands every player finds great.

Pure Drive:

It is hard to imagine the Babolat Pure Drive being replaced now that it is such a modern classic.

Despite the fact that modern tennis sticks look very different from traditional rackets, they are still very common, making them classics to this day. A racket like the Babolat Pure Drive is undoubtedly an outstanding choice for players who are looking for power and convenience.

The Pure Drive is a sturdy yet lightweight Aeropro alternative which any player can customize to fit their style thanks to its lightweight frame, head size, and head construction. Users benefit from the decrease in weight other than improved balance because they can grip their racquet for longer periods of time.

As well as restoring the advantages of the 2021 Pure Drive, the 2021 Pure Drive racket is also more forgiving compared to its predecessor. During the game, you will feel like you are a powerful machine spinning the ball quickly with lots of spins.


  • The head is 100 inches by 645 centimeters
  • The length of this item is 27 inches
  • Approximately 11.2 oz/318 g in strung form
  • Weight untied: 10.6 oz/300g
  • Four points in the lead for HL-Balance
  • It has a string pattern of 16/19
  • Hardness: 71

Blade 98

Wilson Blades has offered a wide variety of models for quite some time now. Among the reasons their latest model is arguably the best is the FeelFlex technology, which has been extensively discussed in this article.

In the first half of 2019, nearly every Wilson racquet was equipped with Wilson’s FeelFlex technology. Even if you don’t take into account its overall appeal, the Blade feels just as good today as it did then.

Most professionals use Wilson Blades, and there are many different sizes available. It is available in a 16×19 string pattern or 18×20 string pattern. It provides a better sense of control, plus a longer string life, due to the dense pattern of strings. For most people, the 18 x 20 head would be preferable, but they will be satisfied with either choice.

Even though it is not as powerful and spinny as other models, the Wilson Blade is still an excellent option for beginners. The best products do everything well irrespective of what type of player they are.


  • Size of the head: 98 in / 632.26 cm
  • The length is 27in or 68.58 cm
  • The total string weight is 11.3 ounces / 320 grams
  • Balance: 13 inches / 33.27 centimeters / 3 points HL
  • The swing weight is 327 pounds
  • Hardness: 67
  • Widths of 21mm, 21mm, and 21mm
  • Graphite/basalt braided composition
  • Low-Medium Power Level
  • Full strokes
  • Fast Racquet: Swing Speed
  • There are 16 mains and 19 crosses in the string pattern
  • 50-60 pounds of tension on the strings

Our Opinion:

Both racquets are, without a doubt, the best on the market. Choosing between them is challenging because they are both among the best models in the world.

Although, in the case of a beginner, we recommend Pure Drive, since it is compact and efficient. For those who are professional tennis players and love tennis, Blade 98 is the right choice. This brand is used frequently by professionals who enjoy their games.

Head Graphene VS Wilson Clash 100

Wilson’s THE CLASH 100 is the second most widely used tennis racquet, followed by Head’s Graphene Pro.

Clash 100

Tennis history will record Wilson’s Clash 100 as one of the key components of the most impactful racquets of the last decade. The playability and responsiveness of games are greatly improved with FeelFlex technology. Although that statement may seem overstated to some, it is exactly what the ad achieves.

Wilson players can’t believe this racquet did not exist a year ago, yet it has become one of their top sellers. Wilson wanted to ensure their product met modern demands with a design that is innovative, comfortable for the user’s arm, and feels great. Staying healthy is becoming increasingly difficult as racquets become stiffer and strings harder.

When Wilson Clash was released, it received positive reviews. In spite of its lack of endorsement from a professional, this racquet head is a popular choice among recreational players.


  • A 100-square-inch head measures 645.16 square centimeters
  • Size: 27 inches / 68.58 centimeters
  • Approximately 11 oz / 312 g strung
  • Balancing measurement: 12.59″ / 31.98″ / 7 points in height
  • There is a 312 lb swing weight
  • The stiffness of the object is 55
  • The beams are two-dimensional: 24.5mm / 24.5mm / 24.5mm
  • Graphite is the material of composition
  • Power Level: Medium-Low
  • Medium-Full stroke style
  • Fast-to-Medium swing speed
  • There are 16 mains and 19 crosses in the string pattern
  • 58-57 pounds of tension on the string

Head Graphene Pro:

They have combined Head’s polarized weight system and Graphene Touch layup system to create Head’s Graphene Touch Speed Pro racket. Noise dampening and shock absorption are achieved fairly efficiently using this system. This vehicle allows for impressive maneuverability and control. It also comes with a comfortable interior.

By harnessing the balance and weight of the racket, players can generate powerful strokes. With it, you can serve and groundstroke well. The logo features a stealth pattern of wings with a falcon head which represents speed. This racket has been recommended by Nova Djokovic for many years.


  • The head measurement is 100 inches / 645.16 centimeters.
  • Size: 27 inches / 68.58 centimeters
  • The weight of the string is 11.7oz / 332g
  • The balance is 12.5 inches / 32.39 cm / 6 points
  • The swing weight is 332 pounds
  • The stiffness of this object is 62
  • Beam widths of 20 mm / 20 mm / 20 mm
  • Graphene 360/Graphite: composition
  • Low Power Level
  • Stroke Type: Full
  • The swing speed is fast
  • There are 18 Mains and 20 Crosses in the string pattern
  • 48-57 pound string tension

Our Opinion:

The best decision you’ll ever make is to play Clash 100 if you are an advanced player. Intermediate students may find this extra challenging. Nevertheless, if you want it you will have to take a chance. The Graphene Pro is an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate players.

Prince Phantom Pro VS Babolat Pure Aero

As you already know, Babolat produces some beasts, but we suggest you take a look at its competitor, Prince Phantom.

Prince Phantom Pro:

Phantom Pro is a little tougher than the O Ports model. The product offers an excellent feel, flexibility, and responsiveness despite its low flexion and narrow cross-section. It was designed to help tennis players have a powerful swing without sacrificing precision or control.

Your power and gameplay will be enhanced by CTS Beams. TeXtreme is highly stable and robust software. Heavy hits can easily be reversed with the tennis racquet. Ground strokes have a natural feel. Serving and volleying are made easier with a service that serves with a wide sweet spot and has a large sweet spot

Probably its best feature is that it has a soft and comfortable feel. As a result, the arm is made to feel gentle. This course is designed for students of intermediate to advanced skill levels.


  • 100 square inches is the size of the head.
  • It measures 27 inches in length.
  • The beamwidth is 16.5 mm, 19.5 mm, and 20.5 mm.
  • With an overgrip, it weighs 330 grams.
  • 31.8 cm is the balance.
  • Low strung stiffness (flexible)
  • Weighs 330 lbs.

Babolat Pure Aero

Stability and great speed are two features of the Pure Aero. In general, advanced players use racquets weighing 10.6 ounces, which is the perfect weight. It is as light as air to play with the Pure Aero. In my opinion, it is a very successful product aimed at helping intermediate players become more fluid and lengthen their strokes.

Tennis elbow is not something to be scared of. In Pure Aero, you’ll be able to hit with minimal vibration and maintain your health at the same time. In order to dominate opposing players, the Pure Aero is ideal for players who are aggressive and want to master a faster and longer swing.


  • A 4 1/4-inch head measures this size
  • Babolat is the brand
  • Grip size: 4 1/4
  • Sports-Tennis
  • It is made of carbon fibers
  • A level of skill between intermediate and advanced is required
  • The frame is made of graphite
  • The 310-gram version weighs

Our Opinion:

Despite Pure Aero’s great features, if you are comparing it to Phantom Pro, then I would recommend Phantom to the most advanced players and Pure Aero to beginners and intermediate players.

Babolat Pure Strike VS Yonex VCORE 98

Pure Strike:

This new line from Babolat combines two of the company’s groundbreaking innovations: C2 PURE FEEL powered by SMAC provides unparalleled feeling and Control Frame Technology provides 100% stability.

With a new filtration process using vibration, SMAC delivers a pure feeling to every shot made with C2 PureFeel. Using our Control Frame technology, we have merged our square beam technology with an elliptical methodology to achieve maximum control.

A new invention created by Babolat, a tennis component manufacturer, is revolutionizing the game with Pure Strike. Players can hit the ball with great speed and force because of the innovative design of the racquet.

Babolat Pure Strike not only features a 16*19 string pattern but performs exceptionally well at spinning. Precision shots were designed to be hit with this. The graphite frame offers a more ergonomic fit, compared to the iconic Pure Drive.


  • The concept behind Pure Strike is to land the first spin as fast as possible.
  • The more robust backbone for a better hitting experience.
  • Precise and powerful
  • 4_5/8 is the size
  • Brand: Babolat
  • Approximately 4 5/8 inches wide
  • Tennis is the sport type
  • It weighs 305 grams


As part of the limited edition, Naomi Osaka and Nick Kyrgios have endorsed the racket.

Your shots will be more powerful and have an even stronger spin with this version. Featuring a simple and sleek design, this set will appeal to both intermediate and advanced players, as well as power hitters and spinners.

The dual-close system allows the frame’s throats and sides to be sealed, so they absorb 50% less shock than traditional frames. You can protect your arms from injury using Quake Shut Gel material.

In addition to its isometric handle, it has an integrated grip, helping hold the ball better for pocketing and power shots. In addition to enhancing snapback, nanometric materials found on the frames increase the flexibility of the frame as well as speeding up the snapback procedure.

With the oval shaft, topspin is achieved in addition to precision, control, and accuracy. Those players who stand at the baseline to play defense sometimes will benefit from the Yonex racket. For advanced and aggressive players, power rackets are a great choice.


  • 4 1/4 inches is the size
  • Brand: Yonex
  • Grips are 4 1/4 in. wide
  • Sports-Tennis
  • It consists of graphite-like material
  • The weight of this item is 0.06 pounds

Our Opinion:

Yonex isn’t as famous as Babolat, but if we compare the racquet and its quality, you will notice that Yonex is not only suitable for advanced players but is also an excellent choice for intermediate and beginner players alike.

Players with intermediate skills should opt for the Pure Strike.

The Qualities of the Best Racquet

In our list, we have considered these six attributes as the main measures of a tennis racquet’s performance.


No matter what type of racquet you give them, great players can generate power by using proper technique. It is possible to generate pace more easily with some racquets. Generally speaking, powerful racquets have longer, stiffer frames and larger heads. Sometimes, extended-length racquets have oversized heads.


In the process of training and expanding their skill level, players will seek more control and precision from their racquets, so that they can place and deliver the ball in the exact direction they want it.

Additionally, experienced players will utilize the techniques and skills they have developed to set their own pace. Those racquets that are more suited to control usually have thin beams, flexible frames, smaller heads, and tighter string patterns, therefore they have thinner beams and less stiff frames.

Level of Comfort:

Several players feel comfortable receiving a shock after striking the ball or experiencing the vibration associated with doing so. Furthermore, some players might probably consider the weight of the racquet to be as important as the grip for comfort.

Racquets with a comfort-oriented design are typically heavier, more flexible, and have more weight distributed upward toward the handle in order to boost shock absorption.


There’s a certain feeling that a player’s touch can have, especially when hitting volleys and making finesse shots like drop shots, that can often help him feel controlled and connected. A racquet typically features heavier heads, smaller frames, and smaller heads in order to provide enhanced control.


It’s easy to change the direction of the racquet head with easy-to-maneuver racquets as they are light in your hands. When racquets and frames are compared in the headlight feeling, the balance or weight distribution of the frame corresponds to the balance of the racquet, hence the abbreviation, “HL”. The weight of a racquet falls mainly toward the handle once it is lower on the racquet.

Maintaining stability:

Tennis racquets with a steady string system help provide a consistent, accurate feel when striking a ball. The heads have smaller sizes, and the frames are often less stiff on stable racquets.

Various shots:

We evaluated each tennis racquet based on these tennis shots. The details of each of these are not important here.

  • Servings
  • Getting a volley
  • Getting returns
  • Groundstrokes
  • Turning topspin
  • Having a slice

The tennis market is growing day by day and, as a result, there are a lot of options and brands available. You may find it difficult to match the right racquet to your playing style when you have so many options at your disposal. To help you make the right choice, we presented a quick comparison between 2 famous Racquet Brands at a time, so you can make your choice and compare them.

It was indeed our goal to make sure that you understand our process. We would be glad to answer any questions you have about Tennis or Tennis Racquets. Our team of professionals is available to help you regarding Tennis Racquets and Tennis Machines. Best of luck.

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