Design your own Tennis Ball Machine | DIY 2022

Tennis ball machines are pretty expensive these days. No doubt the quality and the designs in the market make it worth the money but why waste a deal of money when you can build a ball machine of your own?

When you do it yourself, you can save a great deal of money, but be sure you have the time and ability to complete the job. Also, check BEST TENNIS BALL MACHINE 2022 (TOP Rated REVIEWS)

To build your own machine here are some considerations you need to make:


You should begin by researching what supplies you will need to get started. Take the time to consider your options carefully and then follow these steps to make your own tennis ball machine:

Design your own Tennis Ball Machine | DIY 2021
  1. Install 2 right-angle connectors at the end of the frame to create an L-shaped configuration. You will end up with a triangular structure. The footpads need to be attached to the screws at the corners of the frame.
  2. Put the friction wheel module on top of the footpads after attaching them, then connecteverything to the shaft. In order to ensure security and durability, make sure that all screws are tight.        
  3. There are rivets you need to process that you will attach to the friction wheel later on. The timing belt needs to be glued after you’re done. Make sure you do not completely tighten the headless screw, even though you must leave it in place since that will be done later. You can create a second friction wheel by repeating this procedure with the other module.
  4. After the timing belts are installed, you can proceed with installing the friction wheels. When wearing a belt, use the longer one at the top and the shorter ones at the bottom. As a final step, the bottom friction wheel should be installed with a space between the two rollers high enough so they make an S-shaped pattern.
  5. The motor should be installed first, followed by the synchronous belt wheels, and finally the timing belt. You must ensure that the timing belt wheel is linked to the motor in order to complete this step.
  6. Before attaching the second motor module to the mainframe, you will need to follow the steps described above. Safety should be considered when using motor brackets, and each belt must be attached to a different motor. If you want speed and ease of movement, keep the belts tight.
  7. Ensure that the motor output shaft end will not shake loose by securing it. To furtherstabilize your tennis ball machine, you can run two support beams along either side of the frame.
  8. Installation of circuit boards completes the entire process. The motor wires must be welded together before the boards for controlling the motor speed can be installed. Up to 10A can be controlled with these boards. Have a look at Comparing Top Reviewed Tennis Racquet
  9. Alternatively, wood or acrylic can be used to secure the circuit. To prevent electrical problems, you must ensure that the motor is connected securely to the circuit board.
  10. It is now time to try out your DIY tennis ball machine.

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