An Easy Step by Step Guide to Hitting a Tennis Ball

I know you may be wondering, “Why am I describing how to hit a tennis ball?

Isn’t that how you hit the ball? With a Racquet. The purpose of this text is to explain how to hit a tennis ball with a racquet – there are a variety of approaches and most of them are not worthwhile.

If you visualize yourself back swinging and your racquet hitting the ball, you will be surprised to see that the string will travel through the ball in a different motion to reach your target. Tennis balls bounce and fly over two or maybe three tennis courts when hit with a swinging bouncy racquet, especially if the trajectory is a little higher.

hitting tennis racquet

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You must follow specific steps if you are planning to score some points.

Step 1:

Learn how and where to hit that low and hard forehand drive. Your opponent hitting you deep a few times should not allow you to attempt a successful low-and-hard shot when they have placed you behind the baseline and forced you to shoot off your back foot.

Step 2:

The incoming ball should be weak and short. Having your forehand flattened out by moving forward and attacking the ball when you are several feet inside the baseline will increase the chances of you hitting a penetrating shot.

Step 3:

Pay attention to the ball’s height as it approaches. If you want to hit the ball efficiently, you need to hit it between the net and chest level. Low-bounce balls will often land in the net, and high-bounce balls will likely travel out of bounds.

Step 4:

Take the ball early and prepare to be agile. In order for you to point this racket forward and backward at the same time, the racket must be placed perpendicular to the court. To do this properly, you need to move your shoulders, torso, and hips away from the ball.

Step 5:

While uncoiling your body, move your hips and torso toward the net as you move your weight forward onto your front foot. As you begin your forward swing, keep your shoulders relatively level.

Step 6:

When you contact the ball from the side, you should place your body slightly in front of it. Hit the ball squarely behind the center rather than contact the lower, bottom side of a heavy, looping topspin ball. The ball will be flattened out and will fly lower.

hit tennis racquet

The swing path should not be low-to-high. This swing path will work best for heavy, looping topspin shots. It still takes a slight upward swing to hit flatter, low shot, however, the swing should be horizontal and not vertical.

Step 7:

Finally, swing upward as you go through the point of contact. Your racket must be swung towards your intended target and the racket head must follow the ball’s path as long as possible. Upon completing your followthrough, finish it by kicking your racket off the side of your arm or shoulder.

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In order to make use of this concept, follow these steps:

  1. You should play with the ball on the bench for 2 minutes during each session.
  2. Roll the ball on the bench or the ground for two minutes with a racquet and a half-grip.
  3. During your play, flex and roll the ball with your big muscles as you compress and roll the ball.

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