How to make a tennis ball cannon?

Would you like to make a ball cannon of your own? You must follow these steps. Before we go further, we need to understand what a cannon is. Exactly what do cannons do? You might be wondering.

Cannons are typically used to shoot bullets, whereas tennis ball cannons are like ball launchers. A similar tool is about to be created, which will be very valuable to us in the game. There is another advantage, which is that it is cheaper than the tennis ball machines available today in the market.

cannon for tennis ball

Let’s get to the steps without further delay:

Step 1:

The framing

Build the cannon frame from wood or aluminum instead of steel bars, since the bending of the steel is quite labor-intensive. With the M6 bolts holding the frame together, it is extremely strong. For the cannon to be firmly grounded, pegs are used in holes in the bottom of the frame.

Step 2:

The drills

Next, turn the pieces so that you can drill all of the holes with exactly the same spacing so that the bolts will line up when they are attached. It is better to get help from a friend in this process instead of wasting hours doing it alone.

Step 3:


Marking the lines that needed bending with chalk (chalk does not change color with heat) and heating the area of the vise to a bright red color beforehand (so that it wouldn’t crack when positioned). Ensure that the line is approximately 2 mm above the surface of the jamming. Using a hammer, hammer the bend as close as possible to the vise (to reduce warping).

Step 4:


The bolts I used to assemble the metal were just sized to fit inside the sockets that I had drilled. In other words, without any premeditation whatsoever.

Step 5:


The next step was to remove the extinguisher’s cap. This was achieved by clamping the top of the bottle in the vise and trying to twist it (although I was unable to do this); therefore, I attached a G-clamp to the bottle for extra leverage and then was able to remove the bottle.

Step 6:

Valve to barrel

As soon as the block was drawn out, put it in a vice and cut along the tangents to the circle until there was no more excess. A 6mm hole needs to be drilled in the center of the circle and a short threaded rod (or bolt) (M6) inserted through the hole with a nut on the other end.

Drill the threaded bar end into the drill chuck. With a vise clamped against the drill handle, tighten the nut so that it is firmly held against the chuck.

Step 7:

The Barrel

To pivot the barrel, drill a hole. Despite my drill’s 20mm shank, my pivot pole measured 22mm. When I heated it, I poked it through the plastic to melt the leftovers.

Step 8:

Launcher Assembly

In order to use the pole, I needed to drill through the two holes at the top of the frame in 6mm, but I didn’t have a 20mm drill bit at home. In order to Araldite a length of 15mm PVC pipe and bolts into it, I needed to cut the pole short. I Araldite the bolts to the bottom of the pole. There was 10mm sticking out of both ends. I then bolted the frame together, bending it quite a bit, then dismantling it.

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Step 9:


Use the tennis ball cannon to devastating effect by pumping up the cylinder to 55 psi, placing the tennis ball in the barrel, and slamming the lever as fast as you can to open it. The potato or apple can be used as alternative ammunition, keeping in mind that the softer the object, the lower the pressure you can use, otherwise the barrel gets clogged with the thing you put down the barrel

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