Ipong Carbon Fiber Table Tennis Ball Catch Net

In the rapid development of simple, efficient, and highly cheap ping pong training robots, iPong is a very well-known brand.

Unlike other brands, the Butterfly robots do not use a net to catch the ball as you train. In other words, you can either purchase a tennis ball picker that will assist you in picking up your ping pong balls from the ground or purchase a net such as the iPong. You can collect all your table tennis balls with the Carbon Fiber Ball Catch Net while playing.

Reviews of IPONG Catch Net – Compact Carbon Fiber Edition

The iPong Table Tennis Trainer comes with this carbon fiber catch net, a handy small package.

You must figure out how to fasten catch nets on your table before you fasten them into place. Installing it is relatively easy since it can be clamped to your table edge.

The feature includes:

The design

During robotic training, the best feature of the IPong Carbon Fiber Catch Net is its sleek black design, which can be placed on any table and collects the balls.

The capability

Because of this, you’ll never need to pick up ping pong balls from the floor again. You can shoot your ball from any angle without it leaving the table, thanks to the side nets of the iPong Carbon Fiber catch net. No matter which way you direct your ping pong balls, they will always land in the center of the netting.


A resealable slot also exists on the iPong Carbon Fiber net for funneling balls into a separate container or a robot automatically if there is a way.


The product is because of the 100% polypropylene material of which the net is made and the carbon fiber frame, which makes it light.


The ping-pong ball catch net fits any table, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not it will fit your table. Any regulation table tennis size can be played with it since its dimensions are standard. It will still work with ping pong tables of different sizes but not with standard dimensions.

It is possible to practice servings and save time when you don’t intend to use that catch net to train with a robot. You can also practice without a partner whenever you do not have a ping pong partner.

The portability

In contrast, you can change from solo to multi-person play in just under a minute by removing the catch net from the iPong Carbon Fiber. You can also practice angled shots and serves by using the side nets of the iPong Carbon Fiber catch net. The ping pong ball will never be lost to you again during your training.


With the Carbon Fiber iPong ball catch net, you can save time and energy while also ensuring that your balls don’t get lost while playing. As an alternative to sweeping the balls from the floor after games with the robot, you will save time not having to do so if you plan to use it for training with the robot. A ping pong table of any standard size can be mounted on this design. It looks good on any table.

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