Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table

There shouldn’t be a reason why people living in apartments are forced to live without table tennis tables.

A variety of options exist for smaller tables. One of the most popular is the JOOLA midsize. Although playing on a large table might not be as fun as playing on a smaller one, it is a suitable alternative and ideal for kids and casual games.

As well as reasonable ball control and placement, advanced players must show good pace and strategy. This table has the following features.

Joola’s Midsize Table Tennis Table features portable tables as one of its top features. There is no better table for small rooms than this one. Among full-size regulation tables that range from $500 to $600, this one offers a high-quality top and components.


  • The table’s dimensions are 71 x 30 x 36 inches (about two-thirds the width of a regular-sized table) to maximize limited space.
  • Portable, lightweight.
  • Durable material is used in its manufacturing.
  • For increased storage capacity and practicality, the Table Tennis Table can be divided into two individual tables.
  • Joola’s more expensive tables use the same high-quality material as this 5/8″ thick playing surface.
  • Joola’s mini tables are considered to be the best mini table tennis tables on the market.
  • No shipping charges
  • International Table Tennis Federation-unapproved

Product Construction:

Measurements for the Joola Midsize are 71 inches long by 36 inches wide. Its height is perfect for adults at 30 inches, and its ease of storage makes it a great choice. Despite its small size, this ping pong table provides a surprising bounce.

One of Joola Midsize’s most significant selling points is its top. Very few tiny regulation tables have a thick top (apart from physical dimensions), proving that the small table is a serious one designed to compete.

This Joola Midsize table is constructed of two table segments that connect at the mounting point for the net. It is possible to store each half separately and, to top it all off, you can use them as two separate multi-use tables.

A card table can be set up just about anywhere due to the square shape of each separate table half. There are two uses for the Joola Midsize with its multiple tables: you can play table tennis on them, or use them for other things, such as serving food at parties or for board games. On top of the table, there are holes where the net locks into place. You have to push the net poles into the holes for them to lock into place, ensuring a solid, stable net. \


Size of table

This JOOLA Midsize game table is made up of two tables, one measuring 36′′ x 36′′ (almost a perfect square) and joining the two together creates a 72′′ x 36′′ playing surface. This game is suitable for children, as well as a little fun for adults. It’s even close to being able to play doubles on it.


In addition to being lightweight, the table halves fold quickly in just a few seconds. You can quickly move this entire unit since it only weighs 62 pounds. With only 36″ x 36″ storage dimensions, it’s great for people living in cities where space is scarce. They fold down and can easily fit in a closet. Also, check Ultra 2 Table Tennis Table


JOOLA Midsize is a good option if you have a limited budget or limited space and are looking for a table tennis table. The table isn’t regulation-sized, but it’s still large enough to play fun games with adults and is also suitable for teaching kids how to play.

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