MD Sports Table Tennis Conversion Top

Trying to find a Ping Pong table that is a little more affordable? You are at the right place, then. It is entirely understandable to look for a little cheaper table because ping pong tables can whoop a fortune out of your pocket real quick. The table we are recommending in this article is lightweight, affordable, and compact.

Take a look at the MD Sports Foldable Conversion Top. You will love this invention right away.

An overview of the product:

The MD Sports table tennis conversion tops, billiard tables, dining tables, and other table surfaces can be transformed into ping pong tables. You can begin playing table tennis right away, thanks to MD sports’ tops for table tennis.

You can fold the table quickly, snap the net into place, and get started in no time! This conversion top includes premium EVA foam padding on the bottom to provide additional protection.


It is a compact design that is ideal for limited home space. It doesn’t take much time to assemble, so you can start playing instantly. The conversion top is designed in such a unique way that it can be folded.

You can place the conversion top on your dining table, billiard table, and any other table and play table tennis easily. A pre-installed locking system simplifies installation further. It has foam padding between the surface of the mat, which prevents scratches on the table surface.

The storage dimension of the product is 42″X22″. The product weighs 35.27 pounds. It can be stored and transported easily due to its folding design. One net and post is included with the package.


  • Type of product: Conversion Top
  • Age range: children to adults
  • Color of tabletop: blue
  • Use indoors or outdoors: Indoor use only
  • The item is foldable: Yes
  • Materials: Synthetic laminate; wooden tabletop
  • Balls included in the table-tennis set: no
  • Including a paddle: No
  • Including net: Yes
  • Inclusion of legs: No
  • Neither wheels nor tires are included
  • Paddle Holder: None
  • Origin of the product: China
  • Approved Use by Supplier: Residential
  • Assembly level: Partial Assembly
  • Assembled by adults: Yes
  • Assemblies/Installations: 1 person is recommended
  • Warranties: Yes
  • Limited or Full Warranty: Limited
  • Warranty Period: 90 Days

About the Brand:

In addition to its indoor and outdoor recreational games, MD Sports is an industry leader in designing and producing this type of equipment. The team at The Game Collection strives daily to provide fun and unique games that are a good value in the market.

MD Sports is committed to helping customers find the indoor and outdoor games they want to play. Playing billiards before the big game or hosting a family party, they all enjoy playing these games.


The product is recommended for indoor use, but it can also be used outdoors because it is foldable and easy to carry. This product is best used on a dining table since it doesn’t have any legs, so it cannot stand independently.

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Questions and Answers:

The conversion top will either fit on the same size table as the table it’s sitting on or work on a smaller table. To give you a better idea of the overall dimensions of the conversion top, they are 108 inches long, 60 inches wide, and 47 inches tall.”

Since this is only a top, there are no legs provided or available.

A total weight of 79.34 pounds is associated with this product.

Approximately 54”L x 30”W x 0.5”H folds the Foldable Indoor Conversion Top (13mm Thick).

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