Most Expensive Table Tennis Paddle

Ping pong is a relatively easy sport to play and can be enjoyed by anyone. With a global audience, it is broadcast daily in every country. All sports use equipment, and ping pong is no exception. Nonetheless, how much does ping pong equipment cost? The professional level can require extremely expensive paddles and tables. Let’s find out about the light ping pong paddle.

TC Premium Diamond by Killerspin RTG

If you do not want to build a custom racket, a preassembled paddle is the best choice. In the market, the most expensive paddle is the Killerspin Diamond TC Premium. Beginners should not use this paddle as it is rather solid. Even at high speeds, the rubber is extremely sticky. This paddle is best suited to players who hit the tennis ball more deliberately.

It’s made from Titanium and that’s why it’s called the Killerspin RTG Diamond TC Premium. The 5-ply wood is sandwiched between two more layers of titanium carbon, sandwiched by two other layers of wood. Because of the hard material of this paddle, a lot of power will be transferred back to the ball, resulting in high speeds.

A great paddle to upgrade to is the RTG Diamond TC, especially if you are transitioning into professional play or simply want the best paddle without having to glue your own bat. You have other options, of course. There are great paddles for less money as well.

When you have a paddle that is ITTF-approved, you won’t need to worry about whether or not you’re going to play in a competition. For players interested in playing an ultra-fast and dynamic game, the TC Premium paddle Killerspin Diamond is a perfect choice. Anyone who plays offensively the majority of the time will be delighted with this paddle’s power & speed.

You can achieve speed and power like never before with this paddle thanks to two Fortissimo rubbers. With the technology behind the paddle, the engineering team makes sure it is built to the highest industry standards so that players are ready to pick it up and play.


  • The International Table Tennis Federation has approved this paddle.
  • A perfect paddle for intermediate and advanced players.
  • High-quality rubber is used
  • 5-ply wood is used
  • Perfect for both offensive and defensive shots.

Perfect Rubber:

Rubber is essential to the construction of paddles. Spinning is a typical feature of highly grippy rubber surfaces. Rubber quality is heavily influenced by materials and manufacturing processes. The most expensive rubber on the market is the Butterfly Tenergy 05.

Stiga Pro Carbon, for example, costs more than just one sheet. However, it is well worth the effort. The spinning will be amazing with it since it has lots of power. There is no longer any difficulty with shots now. Loops, blocks, and pushes are all possible.

Despite its hardness, the rubber used by Butterfly to create its spring sponge technology has a longer dwell time than other comparable rubber sheets

Your shots will be explosive and the spins will be incredible. Neither tuning nor another treatment was applied to the whole thing. Rubbers such as this one are most beneficial to some players who enjoy a high throw angle and shorter arc.

As far as services are concerned, there isn’t anything to complain about. You will quickly lose the game if you are not able to identify the spin that your opponent uses. As long as you keep your rubber clean and use a protective sheet, you should be able to extend its lifespan.

Not For Every Player:

Buying high-end paddles is not a good idea for beginners, as they won’t aid their game at all, but may inhibit it as well. Because the ball cannot be consistently placed by such a powerful player, they may lose the game. Starting, you should focus on proper technique, stance, and stroke mechanics. The paddle should be slowed down at this point.

Killerspin 800 can be used initially. Once you have successfully performed all types of strokes with the custom paddle, you should upgrade again. You should either upgrade your gear to be regarded as an advanced paddler or have fun determining how much a paddle is worth.

How does ping pong cost much?

Branded equipment is generally more expensive, so the price of the paddle depends mostly on the brand. People’s perspectives are incorrect, which is the problem. Industry-leading brands frequently go the extra mile to make their paddles as technologically advanced as possible.

The constant improvement of brands makes them expensive, but incredibly effective. Butterfly’s paddle blades and rubbers have been used by some of the world’s most talented ping pong players throughout their careers, such as Timo Boll.

When it comes to almost anything in life, you get what you pay for and you earn the best from it. That is why the best athletic equipment costs so much, but you will get the best of the best. Here, you can find the difference between Killerspin Jet 800 VS Stiga Pro Carbon.

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