Ping Pong vs. Table tennis in 2023 | How the Sports Differ (With Rules)

In the modern era of sports, more and more people are taking an interest in table tennis. People often misunderstand the game of table tennis. We have been asked whether ping pong and table tennis are the same or not?

It is a very technical question. Table tennis and ping pong were thought to be the same game for a long time. Nevertheless, both games use slightly different techniques, which most people are unaware of.

Early in history:

The original name of the game was believed to be ping pong, which sounded informal and slang. Despite its actual popularity, the International Table Tennis Federation chose to write Table Tennis as its name. 

Early in history table tennis and ping pong

Several serious players do not like to call their game ping pong since it gives the wrong impression. Ping pong enthusiasts, however, accepted the less formal name. They enjoy playing their game free from rules and regulations.

Various Championships:

The game is very similar to each other, but they do have variations. For example, their trademarks are different. Every year Ping-Pongs championships are organized by the World Championship of Ping Pong in England. Every year, the International Table Tennis Federation also organizes a World Table Tennis Championships.


There are some techniques variations given below. Table Tennis VS Ping Pong;


Table tennis requires the ball to be thrown upward for at least six inches when thrown from the open hand. The service, however, in Ping Pong, may go straight from the hand or follow the bounce on the table.


Table tennis games go up to 11 points in modern times. The player serves twice at a time. Nonetheless, there is an alternate five-serve format in many ping pong matches, where each player has five serves.


The game ping pong is also known as table tennis, but it’s a trademark name for it. As early as 1901, John Jacques registered the name ping pong as a trademark in England.


A very high number of spins is found in table tennis, whereas very few are found in ping pong.


Additionally, there are variations in speed. Ping pong is played at medium/low speed, and Table Tennis is played at very high speed.

Type of service:

Ping pong does not have a type of service to play, whereas table tennis is available with various services.


There are several types of paddles used in table tennis. Ping pong has only one specific paddle.

Olympic sport:

While table tennis is an Olympic sport, ping pong is a game played just for fun.

World Championships:

World championships are held for both games.

Grand Slam Players:

There are 5 Grand Slam players in table tennis, but in ping pong, there are none.


There are 11 points in seven games of table tennis. When it comes to ping pong, the best of three points is 15 points. The serving player can use a double point ball only once per match when serving, giving two points to the player winning the serve and one end to the player receiving it.

Style of play:

Table tennis’s pace and spin amount are higher than ping pong’s sandpaper, which provides medium-low to medium spins. Sandpaper can be used in both sports. It is possible to play offensively and defensively in table tennis. During a ping pong game, you can mix both styles.


The International Table Tennis Federation has upgraded the game to be an Olympic sport. Previously, both games were the same, but now they aren’t. Despite its original popularity, Table Tennis has lost its appeal among non-serious players and is now called “ping pong.”

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