Playmate Tennis Ball Machine | Battery Operated & Portable

With the Playmate ball machine, all you have to do is choose your level and shot! Find out more about this excellent brand that can provide you with the best quality ball machine!

Here are the types of machines this brand has produced and their specifications! Also, check What is the Best String Tension for Average Tennis Racquets?

#1 Playmate Half Volley Ball Machine | with Heavy Duty Battery

Among the many benefits of the Playmate, Half Volleyball Machine is its durability and reliability. Easily maintained and durable, they are ideal for long-term use. It is common to see online reviews describing these machines as tanks.

In case you change your mind, you have plenty of time to return the machine because it comes with a 2-year warranty. As long as there is no interference with the battery timing, it can last for up to seven hours straight. A second factor that makes it durable is its weight; it weighs 46 pounds total. Though the battery is packaged separately, it weighs nearly 15 pounds. As long as you unplug your battery and empty your hooper beforehand, this machine fits perfectly into your car’s back.

It is variable how fast and how far the ball moves as well as the topspins and backspins. Due to the machine’s inability to have random oscillation, the balls are simply fired in the direction the machine is pointed. Depending on the game level, machines can be built to a maximum height. The ball moves at a speed of 70mph. The machine has been designed with a ball hooper.


  • WeightsThe19 kg
  • Chargers with smart features
  • Batteries that can be removed
  • Battery life: 6 hours
  • Featuring 200 ball hoppers
  • Max speed: 70 mph (113 kph)
  • 1 – 10 second intervals
  • Automatically adjusting the speed and feed rate of the ball
  • Topspin & backspin can be adjusted
  • Tossing wheels of commercial quality
  • An adjustable-height manual
  • Hopper that slides on a track
  • Aluminum aircraft construction
  • Warranty of 2 years

#2 Playmate Volley Ball Machine | Portable & Super Tough

Compared to a HALF-VOLLEY, a VOLLEY comes with more options.

This battery-driven portable machine is built with extremely durable aircraft aluminum. The Ball Machine includes a host of features not found on any other machine on the market, including Commercial Grade Propulsion Wheels. As well as being light, the device is also easy to use, convenient to charge, and lightweight at 21 kilograms. This machine also features two-line oscillators with random movement and a commercial remote control system.


  • Approximately 6 hours of battery life
  • Chargers with SMART functionality
  • Weights 21 kg
  • Communal remote control
  • Two-line oscillator with random coefficients
  • The capacity of 200 balls
  • A maximum speed of 113 kph (70 mph) was recorded
  • 1 – 10 second intervals
  • Ball speed can be adjusted electronically
  • Topspin and backspin are both variable (slice)
  • The best commercial throwing wheels
  • Control of height manually
  • Ball hopper with an integrated sliding mechanism
  • Construction of aircraft with aluminum
  • Warranty of two years

#3 Playmate Ace Ball Machine | Remote-Controlled

The Playmate Ace is designed for clubs to make it easy for members of the facility to handle and use the device. Rental machines from Playmate are ideal for beginners. The device is easy to operate and practically indestructible.

Due to its limitations, this machine cannot be upgraded or used with an iPhone or iPad. Keeping it simple is the best approach. These machines are built according to the most rigorous standards in the world. This machine has perfectly balanced wheels, which makes it operate almost silently. For large commercial clubs, recreation centers, and health clubs, this machine is excellent and highly reliable.


  • It contains 200 balls
  • Rhythmical backspin (slice) and topspin
  • Direction by electronic means to 1, 2, or 3 lines
  • Elevate electronically
  • An easy-to-use control panel
  • This machine can be equipped with an optional SERVE LIFT
  • The drill reset is controlled by a 2-function remote control (On/Off).
  • Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty for 3 Years
  • 230V Central AC power supply, 5A, 1,150W
  • Lead-1 m x 16A splash-proof plug (extension lead required)
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum for construction
  • All levels – beginners to advanced
  • Dimensions of product 480 x 940 x 470mm
  • It weighs 37 kilograms

4# Playmate iSmash Ball Machine | User-Friendly

With an easy set-up and intelligent direction patterns, the iSMASH is a great product. You can choose a pre-made pattern or design your own. The machine can be purchased now, and you can purchase upgrades to make it into the genie later. Add support for iPhones and iPads with the Playmate Tennis accessory and enjoy your game.

Its body hardware is identical to that of the iGenie. Its the only difference is that the iGenie comes with a control panel (and the features it offers) and that it is compatible with Playmate Tennis (to enable full control and workout tracking via iPhone/iPad).


  • In addition to adding iPhone/iPad support, iPlaymate Tennis also helps you to track workouts and create your drills.
  • It can be exchanged or upgraded (works with all controllers)
  • Contains 300 balls
  • Backspin and topspin that are variable
  • Programmable Electronic Direction in 7 Positions
  • Elevator Height Adjustment
  • User-friendly controls
  • To practice serving, the SERVE LIFT can be purchased as an accessory.
  • Controls both on and off of the drill (with drill reset)
  • Warranty: 3 Years Limited Parts

5# Playmate iGenie Ball Machine | Upgraded Version

Playmate’s iGenie is an impressive tennis ball machine. It is equipped with the latest control panel so that ten different shooting scenarios can be simulated at once. Students can practice drills such as approach shots, groundstrokes, or lobs to two lines whether they are using the iGenie in a group or independently.

I don’t think you have to stay within one shot’s limits! It’s fine to mix and match your shots! IGNIE can handle any combination you can imagine! With the machine, you can play with iPhones and iPads using iPlayMate Tennis. This simple fitness assistant will help students plan and create drills, track workouts, and compare their results with others.


  • Programmable Shots in 10 Different Styles
  • Shooting Delays: 10
  • Sequences of random shots programmable
  • Contains 300 balls
  • Topspin and backspin with variable characteristics
  • A programmable direction pattern that is intelligent
  • Elevator Height Adjustment
  • An easy-to-use controller
  • This machine can be equipped with an optional SERVE LIFT
  • The iPhone and Android app comes with the iPlaymate Tennis accessory for creating drills and monitoring your workouts
  • The drill reset is controlled by a 2-function remote control (On/Off).
  • Parts warranty of 3 years

6# Playmate Grand Slam Ball Machine | Unique & Advance

Grand Slam is considered one of the fastest ball machines in the world. You can throw any spin, including one on your left hand, one on your right hand, a kick on each hand, and a 4 wheel split shot

Almost every time, a GRAND SLAM runs over 193 km (120 mph). Random service is available to players. GRAND SLAM is the only machine on the market with four throwing wheels capable of gripping the ball like this.

Using it for group return of serve is possible. Two lines can be simulated using the first and second-serve combinations. There is no end to the possibilities! In addition to the machine, you can use iPlaymate Tennis, which lets you control your machine, set drills, and track your workouts from your iPhone/iPad. Adding SERVE LIFT to this machine makes it the most advanced serving machine in the world. When the SERVE LIFT is purchased, you can raise the machine into the air for practicing serving.


  • Serving speeds of 193 km / 120 mph
  • Slices or kicks of any sort
  • Programmable Shots with 7 Distinct Options
  • Seven Shot Delays
  • The ability to program random shots
  • Improves ball recognition skills
  • Interchangeable and upgradeable
  • All controllers (Works with all)
  • Contains 300 balls
  • Programmable electronic direction with 7 positions and random setting
  • Elevator Height Adjustment
  • An easy-to-use controller
  • Friendly service lift
  • Remote-controlled drill with two functions (on and off)
  • Parts warranty of 3 years

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Benefits of using Tennis Ball Machines:

The following are some of the advantages of tennis ball machines:

Consistency improvement:

The challenge of consistently striking the ball can be challenging even for some of the more experienced players. It is possible for players to practice any shot over and over again on a tennis machine since the machine can target the exact same spot on the court each time. For beginners as well as those of any skill level, this is very important.

Take the following reaction test:

Players looking to improve their reaction times will find it challenging to play in settings that involve shooting toward different areas of the court at different speeds. A tennis ball machine can be set up to shoot different balls at the player from different perspectives, requiring the player to react quickly to the unpredictable combinations of shots that come at them.

A variety of shots can be made:

For intermediate and professional players, it will be possible to practice various shot types just like you would in a match against a genuine opponent.

Accelerate and become more agile:

Tennis balls can be served quickly to different portions of the court when the tennis ball machine has been set to oscillate. Consequently, players must factor in their movement between balls, so for example, if a shot is run to the back of the court, it is imperative that they move quickly and get to the right spot in time to hit their shot. Tennis players of all levels will especially appreciate this. If you want to improve your tennis game and get a good cardio workout at the same time, this setting is a great choice.

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