Prince Signature 5200 Indoor Table Tennis Table

Are you a fan of table tennis? Choosing an appropriate and durable table can be challenging. Buying one cannot be done on a whim. It is necessary to take into account many factors when purchasing a table. We’re looking at an indoor table tennis table that is certain to draw your attention, so please take a seat, relax, and read on.

There have been Prince ping-pong tables available for quite some time now, and they enjoy a high level of reputation. With its 110-pound weight, it is an indoor table tennis tables with everything. In addition, it provides enough space and facilities to improve your ping pong skills and game room.

Global Sports, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, operates worldwide. It was founded in 1970 by McClure. It manufactures and distributes sporting goods. There have been numerous products they have launched in the past, and we will discuss their famous Prince Signature 5200 Indoor Table Tennis Table below.


  • The dimensions of the table are 108″L x 60″W x 30″H
  • The dimensions of this storage unit are 32″L x 60″W x 73″H
  • 60″ x 70″ x 73″ Dimensions for playback
  • The product packaging measures 63″ long x 58″ wide x 5″ high
  • Included in the sale are classic nets & posts. There are no racquets or balls included with the set.
  • PTT5200 is the style.


We introduce the Prince Signature 5200 Indoor Table Tennis Table for some family-friendly competition in your game room. An apron features box steel for durability, and a particleboard desktop provides consistent bounce and storage for accessories.

It comes 50% preassembled, making it incredibly simple to set up – it takes just 60 minutes for two people to assemble it. This set includes nets and posts for two players in only 60 minutes, the DSG Exclusive Signature Table Tennis table. We recommend using this DSG exclusive design only indoors.

The maximum thickness of particleboard tabletops is 12mm. An earthy green color dominates its appearance. Swivel wheels with locking casters allow for safe transportation. Two pairs of wheels are on each side of the steel apron. The box is 1.6″.

In addition to the safety strap and safety lock, the package includes a racket and ball storage that holds up to three balls and two rackets per side. It also comes with playback capabilities, in addition to the apron, casters, legs, brackets, and predrilling.


This straightforward design gives you the option of placing it anywhere you desire rather quickly. As a result, your space will look very lovely and not unsightly. Its greenish color gives it an appealing look.

Surface Area:

You will enjoy a smooth, steady bounce from this table, making your gaming experience one you’ll never forget. As it features superior bounce quality, this table will enhance your gaming experience.


It has the advantage of being easily folded. It can therefore be moved around freely. You can take the setup wherever you like, and you can store it after you’ve finished. Suggested Best Affordable Table Tennis Tables


You will always be successful when you have a product at your disposal that allows you to hone your skills. This table has a sturdy foundation, excellent bounce, perfect density, and high-quality accessories. As you play with it, the more enjoyment you will derive from it. In a nutshell, this table offers everything you need.

For those who aren’t concerned about price, this is a good alternative. It is indeed as good as they claim. Do not miss the opportunity. It is a product that you are going to love in an instant.

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