Stiga Advantage Competition Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table

This mid-range table tennis table comes with many valuable features and is a good choice if you’re searching for an attractive and practical table tennis table.

Since its release, the ping pong table has accumulated hundreds of thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, making it one of the most recommended products.

With the Stiga advanced, Stiga introduces a popular entry-level indoor table tennis table. Although the table is inexpensive, Stiga claims it has excellent playability and is “Competition Ready.”. To see whether the Advantage lives up to these claims, we wanted to take a closer look.

About the brand

Stiga Table Tennis became one of Sweden’s biggest ping pong brands over 75 years ago with high quality and affordable products.


  • Measures 9 ft x 5 ft (Regulation size)
  • Time to assemble – 10 minutes (comes pre-assembled in 95% of cases)
  • A 5/8′′ (16mm) thick surface is used
  • 195-pound weight


In addition to its attractive design, the Stiga Advantage (also known as the T8580W) consists of an MDF playing surface that is 5/8″ thick (16mm), with a steel apron that is 1.2″ wide. The following are some of its features.

Surfaces of tables

Table tennis tables play differently based on their surface thickness. It is rare to find a good bounce on a cheap table because the playing surface is only 12mm thick. Beginners or recreational players should use a minimum of 15mm; serious players should use 19mm. Despite Stiga’s claim that it’s a “Competition Ready” table, the Stiga Advantage has a 5/8″ playing surface, which is about 16mm thick. This is an acceptable choice for beginners and fun games but not for competitive players.


It is useless to have a good ping pong table surface if the undercarriage doesn’t perform well. You don’t have to worry about that with this table since it comes with sturdy legs made of steel measuring 1.2 inches (30mm).

There is a matte black finish as well as a premium black finish. The Pro version has slightly thicker legs in order to support the heavier weight of the wider tableside surface. Even more sturdy are its 1.5 inches (38mm) long legs.

You can lower or raise the table’s height by using the height adjusters at the ends of each leg, depending on the level of the location where it is being set up.


Both table halves can be folded and nested together, which makes the table extremely compact when folded. There are only 60 inches by 28 inches of storage space. The sides can be rolled independently as each half is equipped with eight 3″ caster wheels to be easily moved around. People also search for Prince Signature 5200 Indoor Table Tennis Table

It’s then locked in place once it’s in place to ensure safety. Unlike the standard model, the Pro has four-inch caster wheels to accommodate its increased weight.

Product Style

As part of this item, you will receive an easy-to-fit and remove clamp-style net and post set measuring 72″. STIGA has thankfully included a very decent set of traps and commands with their tables, which should more than suffice as most of the time, we suggest replacing those with cheaper tables.


Overall, we are incredibly pleased with STIGA Advantage. Our rating for this table is very high because of its durability, price tag, and features. It’s our favorite tennis table that we highly recommend.

Several thousand Amazon reviews give it five stars, so we’re not alone in believing so. As such, we don’t think you will be disappointed by our table tennis table if you are looking for an affordable, high-quality table tennis table for fun with your family.

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