Stiga Elite Indoor Table Tennis Table

Don’t settle for less than you are paying for when buying a ping-pong table! With the following review of the Stiga Elite Roller, you will get a better perspective on whether it is suited to your needs.

Schools, youth clubs, and institutions should choose it as it is very stable and highly durable.

Despite the bright playing surface, the net can be adjusted for height and is made from anti-glare 25mm fibreboards. It has playback functionality to facilitate individual training, and it can be stored easily. The stability of the unit’s 109kg (240.3lbs) weight and its locking safety system ensure easy transport.


  • Table tennis is the perfect solution to this epidemic.
  • This table’s durability and stability are both essential characteristics.
  • The playing surface is made from a 25mm fiberboard with anti-glare properties.
  • Style and modernity are evident in the design.
  • An innovative compact storage system that simplifies storage and handling with CSS (Compact Storage System).
  • Integrated access control system
  • The ability to playback
  • This table will provide benefits to youth clubs, institutions, and schools
  • Quickly and easily assembles
  • Net is detachable and can be adjusted in height
  • A steel frame supports the undercarriage
  • Each leg has a square profile measuring 30mm x 30mm (1.2″ x 1.2″), and a rectangular profile measuring 50mm x 30mm (1.9″ x 1.2″)
  • Eight hardwearing wheels are provided for ease of transportation (4 of which are lockable).
  • The diameter of this wheel is 100mm (3.9″)
  • It measures 274cm (107.8″) long, 152.5cm (60″) wide, and 76cm (29.9″) high.
  • (When folded) this item measures approximately 152.5cm (60″) in length, 60cm (23.6″) in width, and 172cm (67.7″) in height.
  • The product weighs 109 kilograms (240.3 pounds).
  • The color of the object is blue
  • A two-year warranty is included

Specifications in Detail:


Considering each table half weighs 60 kilograms, a fall is improbable if the tables are accidentally unfolded open-ended. Along the inside edges of the table support aprons, instructions have been attached to the bottom, ensuring the table’s safety.

There is a long-distance between the table legs and the end line. This is an excellent setup for wheelchair players who want to maneuver comfortably beneath the table and players who wish to reach short balls under the table.

Locking mechanism

Take a close look at the locking mechanism. When you lift the yellow flange, you must push the lever underneath it (which prevents accidental release) to release the lock and bring down the surface.

Massive Wheels

There are heavy-duty wheels mounted on the undercarriage, as expected. As a bonus, a small black brake on the top of each wheel; the brake can be locked down by your foot when playing the keyboard or freed with your toe when necessary for movement.


It is made up of welds, bolts, and cross braces, making it quite sturdy. Despite the metal tubing being thinner than on the Stiga Expert table, the metal tubing is still thick enough to support the playing surface.

Although I don’t recommend sitting on the table edges, it might not be possible to level the playing surface perfectly. Still, you may be able to adjust the legs closest to the camera to level the playing surface. You can be sure they exist, nevertheless.

As well as being a competitive sport, table tennis can also be played indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather. While any unit can be used outside for a short time, outdoor conditions require a particular type with certain specifications.

Indoor VS Outdoor Table:

An outdoor model is more durable if it has a galvanized steel frame and a concrete base. In turn, this results in the unit being heavier when facing the wind. The surfaces are weatherproof so that damage caused by rain and sun is limited.

Even though most outdoor units are more expensive than indoor units, less expensive versions are made of thinner sheets of materials or are more resistant to the elements. In general, experts recommend only buying an outdoor table tennis table if used outdoors for a long time. Likely, the investment in an outdoor unit won’t last very long. Read now: Tennis Ball Hits against the wall Ad

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