Stiga master series st3100 table tennis table – Space saver and indoor

In terms of quality, the ST3100 indoor ping pong table by Stiga is perfect for players with entry-level to mid-level skills.

Since its release in 2012, it has received hundreds of high fives and is one of our favorites. This article explores the reasons behind the hype surrounding ST3100 | Stiga North America

About the Product:

The ping pong table has many advantages over similar models at the same price point. It has a 3/4″ thick top, making it provide a better bounce response than most competition. As an owner and tester of several table tennis tables throughout the years, we believe this one is an excellent choice as a recreation room table that we can recommend.

These tables are trendy among high school and middle school students because they appear to be professional tables. In addition to its bold black and red appearance, the netball holder is one of the extra features.

Construction of the product:

Along with a solid apron and a steel-reinforced frame, the arena is also highly stable. A durable and portable table, it is constructed from robust and 2-inch steel legs and a heavy-duty 2-inch apron surrounded by large wheels that measure 3 inches in diameter for increased maneuverability. A heavier-duty frame will keep aprons and frames from sagging when playing aggressively and help you control them more easily.


  • Integral ball storage apron for performance tables
  • Featuring silk-screened stripes on a sturdy-link chassis
  • The apron can store 24 balls (12 on each side), balls not included
  • A ¾ top
  • Postage and net system included
  • Casters 3″
  • Aprons 2′′ in diameter
  • With a 2′′ leg
  • It measures 62.5 inches high, 56.5 inches wide, and 5 inches tall when packaged
  • The playing area measures 108 inches (9 feet) by 60 inches (5 feet) by 30 inches
  • 60″ x 68″ x 62″ playback position
  •  Position of storage: 60″ x 30″ x 62″

Quality of the surface:

A ping-pong table’s playing surface thickness is its most important aspect. If you go thin, you’re likely to have awful bounce, so I suggest at least 15mm. Players looking for a top with a consistent bounce should opt for a 19mm or more surface. As a result of its 19mm top, the Stiga 3100 is an excellent board.

In contrast to lower-quality models, the bounce is quick and responsive. The size is also standard. It has the advantage of being able to be positioned for playback thanks to its folding design. Although it cannot replace a ping pong robot or an actual partner, it can help practice alone.


  • A good ball storage capacity
  • Legs provide essential support
  • Professional appearance
  • It can be folded and stored easily
  • Wheels make it portable


  • The quality of the net is not so appealing
  • Paddle and balls are not included with the package
  • Assembling the parts may take a lot of your time


It is a solid ping pong table that makes a great addition to a game room, garage, or rec room. The ping pong table might not impress a professional; however, its use among families to entertain their children is certainly appreciated. Have a look at Prince Tournament 6800 Reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In addition to Stiga’s Master Series, the ST3100 and ST4100 both have some significant differences. Stiga’s Quickplay Chassis is perhaps the biggest advantage of the ST4100. The assembly process is streamlined as a result. Besides having a 25mm top and more possibilities for balls, this model has a 25mm base. The two products are significantly different in price.

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