Stiga Space Saver Table Tennis Table – Choose the right size

With its Space Saver compact ping-pong table, Stiga makes competitive play possible for those with limited space.

Indoor table tennis tables are typically 108 inches long by 60 inches wide, but the STIGA Space Saver measures just 71 inches by 40.5 inches (regulation tables are 108 inches by 60 inches).

It may be a good option for those who have limited space but don’t want to miss out on all the features of a full-size table because it comes equipped with many other great features. A few of its components are highlighted below.


A thick MDF table-top with silk-screen stripes measures 5/8 inches thick on the Stiga Space Saver. With a thickness of approximately 2.5 inches, the Space Saver bounces like a regulation table while feeling like a smaller table. People also search for Ultra 2 Table Tennis Table

Despite its small size, the Space Saver is a formidable weapon. With powder-coated steel legs that are 1.25″ square and welded, this table has a perfect frame.

Leg levelers are also included with each leg, which allows you to facilitate a perfectly flat playing surface and prevent floor scratches. In addition, the table’s top is supported by a 1.25″ steel apron and diagonal cross-beams to keep it from shifting in its base.


  • A compact table that measures 71″ x 40.5″ x 30″ is perfect for small spaces.
  • Foldable storage position allows for space savings when not needed
  • You can use the table halves separately as tables for entertaining as well as tables for dining
  • Play immediately after unpacking, unfolding, and assembling
  • Net and post set is included in the regulation height table
  • Size – 71″ long x 40.5″ wide x 30″ high
  • The thickness of the tabletop is 5/8″

Stiga Space Saver tables come apart into two parts, just like many full-sized tables. Every table measures 35.5″ by 40.5″ and is built to stand on its own. The space saver can be used for card games, parties, garage sales, etc. The space saver will save you tons of space and make your life easier by using this feature. Recommended Best Affordable Table Tennis Tables

Easy Separation

They are even used by some clients as dining tables. Additionally, you can easily store the tables in a closet or under a bed or couch, making them the ideal option for flats and tiny homes. The net bracket makes it easy to reunite the two table halves.

Additional Accessories

There are few options for nets for tables of this width, so it’s pretty tricky to put them on. When purchasing through Amazon, the traps and posts are included and the heavy-duty set for adjusting tension.


It is probably due to quality control issues that the Stiga Space Saver has a few downsides. Often, tables arrive damaged in shipment due to inadequate packing, which is the same for many other tables. Have a look at Adding a Spin to a Tennis Ball


Legs are made of steel and measure 1.25 inches in diameter. Designed to be durable and stylish, these are painted with a powder coating. Each leg is height adjustable, ensuring your playing surface is even at all times. To prevent scratches to the floor when you move them, they have rubber covers on each end. An apron made of 1.25-inch steel provides adequate support for the tabletop.


One of our favorite portable ping pong tables on the market, the Stiga Space Saver, stands apart from the competition. A high-end table has many features offered by this model, including adjustable leg levelers, a powder-coated steel frame, and a sturdy top made from a 5/8-inch thick wood laminate. However, it is small enough to fit into any space.

Despite not being ITTF certified or suitable for tournament play, the Stiga Space Saver is still regarded as one of the finest portable tables for those seeking something more luxurious wide.

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