Tennis Ball Thrower Machine | The Little Prince 2022

Looking for a portable and affordable machine? You’ve come to the right place. This review is about a machine that costs under $500. We are talking about The Little Prince Ball Thrower Machine.

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Listed below are a few of the machine’s features.

Little Prince Tennis Ball Machine has an AC battery only which works wonders. Its nozzle continuously shoots balls and the directions are so precise, making it an extremely intelligent machine. With the shorter barrel attachment, you can shoot balls slower and with the longer barrel attachment, you can shoot them faster. If all holes in the distributor are open, the interval between the shots is two seconds. If none are open, the interval is one second. When a barrel is raised or lowered, shots are elevated. A long barrel is fitted with an oscillator that imparts spin and alternates from side to side over a long period of time. You can read Slazenger Hydroguard tennis balls that offer consistent and perfect performance, it is simply the best.

A drawback of this machine is that it does not come with a remote control or control panel like those available on the market but considering its cost, it proves to be worth the investment. Due to the constant back-to-back strokes, the machine is great for those who want to become professionals. Besides being fun, it is also an excellent exercise.

Balls can be piled up in the hopper for up to 100 balls at once. As soon as you fill the hopper, you can play for an extended period of time. There is no denying that the machine is heavy, which is where the wheels enter the room to assist. The wheels of the machine are powerful enough to support the weight of the equipment.


  • Ball capacity: up to 100
  • Has a set of strong wheels
  • Battery type: AC
  • Elevation: Manual
  • Side to Side moment: Manual
  • Remote control availability: None
  • Feed Rate: 1-3 sec
  • Available on eBay

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In the world of machine technology, this machine has been called the mother of all machines. Besides being pretty old, it has an aesthetic appeal. My personal recommendation is to use this machine if you are just getting started playing tennis. There is a reason behind this: it is the most affordable machine available on the market. The concept is pretty basic. Therefore, if you are a beginner, this will save you a great deal of cash while also providing a basic match that you can handle easily.

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