Tennis Ball Throw it Against the Wall | Real Ad Explanation by Walmart

Tennis ball throws it against the wall is a commercial by Walmart in which a child who is suffering from cancer is playing with a tennis ball.


Official Jon Lajoie (@jonlajoiecomedy) posted a video on Youtube in which a kid is playing with a tennis ball and saying that playing with the tennis ball helps him forget about his cancer.

At the end of the video, the last message says “Global childhood cancer rates are on the rise, our everyday low prices are not.”

Tennis Ball Throw it Against the Wall | Real Ad Explanation by Walmart

People start to appreciate the background music in the beginning, but at the end when the kid talks about his cancer, it makes you a little sad. Youtube banned the original video so many times but some reposts are available.

After a video has been released, it is immediately the subject of many memes. It is funny how Walmart went to such lengths for an advertisement about tennis balls.

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The link to the video is given below.

Tennis Ball Throw It Against The Wall (Walmart Commercial)

A mixed reaction was left among viewers after watching the video. Share your thoughts about it in the comments section. Also Read about amazing Stiga Expert Roller Elite Tennis Table

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What are the benefits of tennis?

Everyone enjoys playing tennis. This game doesn’t require much equipment. You only need three items to play. Tennis balls and rackets are the two essential components. Nets are the third item. Playing this game takes two to four players.

All you need to do is strike the ball with your racquet towards your opponent over the net. In the situation where an opponent cannot make a valid return, a player receives a point. In addition to playing it professionally, one can also play it for fun.


Activates muscle contractions

In tennis, you need to run and hit the ball with a racquet. The game of tennis requires incredibly strong movements to be played. Tennis racquets are also quite heavy. Balls bounce anywhere on the Tennis Table, so players can’t stand still while the ball is in the air.

As a result, players must run and strike the ball despite its distance. In comparison to other similar sports like badminton, tennis stimulates muscle movement in kids, and it requires more stamina as well as skill.

Movement of the Body

To hit the tennis ball, which moves in different directions, a person also needs to move his body. It is so obvious you cannot stand still in this game. Your body movement makes you feel more active and faster.

When you play tennis, you do not need to exercise. The movement is already sufficient in this game. The players experience a massive boost in their self-confidence, and their bones grow longer and stronger.

Makes you creative

A person’s brain continues to develop throughout his or her life if he or she plays tennis frequently. The fast and random movement of the ball during tennis may develop new nerve connections in the brain, as it requires players to be alert as well as tactful.

A professor from Southern Connecticut State University proposes this theory. According to researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, this promotes lifelong continuous brain development

Minimize the risk of death

Several studies have found that playing tennis reduces the death risk by 50% at any age, more than playing football. As a result, one might consider taking up tennis as the game of choice in their free time if they wish to stave off death for a little while. Even though the researchers were not able to conclude, they found out that football and running had less effect than tennis.

Reduce the risk of heart disease

In addition to reducing death risk, playing tennis also reduces your risk of developing heart problems. Due to the numerous movements on the court, tennis players exercise a lot while playing. Taking this kind of exercise helps their respiratory system stay in good shape as well as preventing the accumulation of cholesterol that can lead to heart problems. By doing so, cardiovascular diseases are significantly reduced.

When playing, the body moves quickly so that the fat layer remains at a desirable level, helping to maintain good heart health. In addition to improving heart function and preventing fatal heart diseases, the fat layer covering the heart acts to regulate the efficiency at which it pumps blood to the various body parts.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

Playing tennis reduces the risk of diabetes and it also serves diabetic people with health benefits. When you play tennis, you drastically reduce fatty body tissue, and the risk of diabetes is greatly reduced. Tennis is helpful for diabetic patients who have high blood sugar. Besides improving their fitness, it also improves their health.

Improves agility

As a result of the game of soccer, the player’s agility is greatly enhanced because he must cover long distances in a very short timeframe while still hitting the ball with accuracy. Tennis players must move quickly and in a random direction during a match due to the nature of the game.

A player gains agility as a result of this movement, allowing them to cover long distances in a short period while still hitting the ball accurately. The agility gained from playing sports is also relevant to other activities the player involves himself in. Tennis is also very physically active, so it helps to keep players in shape.

Designed to cross-train

Training with tennis can help improve sprinting performance and endurance, which helps prepare you for other sports. Tennis is like many other sports when it comes to its exercise, so it can be used to train for other sports.

According to research, this game requires a body motion equivalent to running 3 to 5 miles per match and requires up to 300 to 500 bursts from the body per match. The fact that tennis can help you sprint faster and run longer is a remarkable benefit.


One must be well prepared when playing tennis and possess the patience to wait until one learns. If you are a beginner, you should not expect instant results at first. You need to practice a lot.

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