Tennis Tutor Ball Machine 2022 | Top Rated

Looking for a game partner? Perfect! We suggest you have a look at these BEST TENNIS BALL MACHINE 2022 (TOP Rated REVIEWS)

Let me tell you about this amazing brand first that will provide you with the best & low-cost tennis partners. By choosing Tutor Tennis Ball Machine, you will not have to worry about your game. The machine will make you a coach even if you are a beginner now. The statics that is installed in these machines, makes them a marvel.

Here are some types of machines that Tutor has launched in the previous decade.

Tennis Tutor Cube | Cheap & Lightweight

For beginning players and intermediate players, the Tennis Cube is the ideal ball machine for you. A small and lightweight backpack that fits in the smallest of car trunks, it is easy to lift by anyone. Only 11kg! It’s smaller and lighter than a beer carton!

In a very basic sense, Tennis Cubes just throw tennis balls for you to practice your strokes. It is simple to operate; just switch it on, set the ball speed, adjust the elevation, and you’re ready to practice. If you want to play your own way, you can change the frequency of the balls Tennis Cube places every two seconds to every ten seconds or any time in between.

An entire basket of tennis balls fits inside the Tennis Cube. Even after you turn the cube on, it waits ten seconds before starting to throw balls, helping you to get across the net. Tennis Cube comes with a wireless charging pad that can be plugged in continuously and recharged overnight, without having to worry about overcharging the battery. Batteries are the only form of power for this machine.

You can switch on the oscillator tennis cube so it automatically throws the balls in a sweeping pattern as you hit them from side to side. A one-year warranty is available for both parts and labor on the Tennis Cube.


  • The groundstroke to the lob trajectory
  • 70 balls can be stored in this container
  • The speed at which the ball is ejected: 6 – 85km/h
  • Rate of ball feed: 2-10 seconds
  • Indicator: Random
  • Playtime is typically between 1-1/2 and 2 hours   
  • Measures 38cm(H) x 30cm(L) x 33cm (W) (closed)      
  • It weighs about 11 kg.

Tutor Pro Lite Tennis Ball Machine | Battery Oprated

Ball machine that is small, light, and professional.

Despite its full-featured design, and low weight of just 14 kgs, the Tennis Tutor ProLite stands only 30.5 centimeters tall. You can choose between AC and battery-powered models of the Tennis Tutor ProLite.

Tennis players starting out in tennis can use a ball speed that is electronically adjustable. You’ll find yourself challenged even by the best amateur players with hard-hitting groundstrokes. Speed ranges are wide. Electronically controlled balls are fed at a rate of one every 1.5 seconds. Every 10 seconds, one ball is thrown. From groundstrokes to towering volleys, the ball trajectory is manually adjustable. Tennis Tutor ProLite provides random shots across the court whenever the oscillator switch is flipped on. 125 tennis balls can be stored in the ball hopper in seconds. All you have to do is load the balls.

Rather than worrying about overcharging, the smart charger allows you to leave the Tennis Tutor charging continuously. It plugs into the battery charge jack and provides 4 additional hours of playtime. Tennis Tutor ProLite models come with a remote control that turns on/off ball feed at a distance of 24 meters with an air pedal.

All parts and labor of Tennis Tutor ProLite are covered by a one-year warranty.


  • Speed is 16km/h – 96km/h in total
  • Ball feed is 10sec
  • Grounstroke to Lob elevation
  • Random oscillations
  • 2-3 hours of battery life
  • Weight in general: 13kg
  • Remote control availability (optional)

Tutor Tennis Ball Machine | Portable

Even though Tennis Tutor is portable and powerful, even the top players will find it challenging to learn from it.

Through an electronic control panel and counter-rotating wheel, you can adjust ball speed, trajectory, and ball feed rate. Using a gentle touch, children are capable of tossing the ball easily. Depending on your preferences, either groundstroke or lob can be selected, and the ball feed rate can be set between 1.5 and 12 seconds.

Tennis Tutor allows you to set repeated shots to repeat and oscillate and direct them randomly throughout the court. A 10-second delay in starting up Tennis Tutor allows you to reach the net before the ball starts feeding. It features an exclusive anti-jam ball feeding mechanism.

As the ball hopper can be folded down to fit into the tennis tutor for easy transport, the unit measures only 30.5 centimeters high. Moreover, it tows like luggage when the towing handle is extended.

Once you reach the court, the ball hopper automatically opens and holds 150 balls. This portable, heavy-duty battery offers up to six hours of playtime, which has a negligible need for additional batteries. There is an External Battery Pack, however, if you’d like to have more battery life. With Tennis Tutor, you can easily know what the remaining battery charge is, and you can even beep every half an hour. A plug-in charger is also part of Tennis Tutor, so the battery is fully charged when needed.


  • A speed range of 16km/h – 136km/h
  • 1.5-12 second ball feed
  • Ground stroke to lob
  • Indication of oscillation: yes
  • Four to six hours of battery life
  • 150 balls can be accommodated
  • A weight of 19 kilograms
  • Drill 2 lines, no duty
  • Battery Yes
  • 12 hours to recharge

Tennis Tutor Plus Ball Machine | Easy to Use

As the top model in Tennis Tutor’s collection, Tennis Tutor Plus has a quality that cannot be rivaled. This machine is similar to the Tennis Tutor but also includes spin (topspin and slice) functionality. The Tennis Tutor Ball Machine is the only machine you should look at if you are an experienced tennis player who wishes to improve his skills. You can find all about Silent partner ball machine here:

In Tennis Tutor Plus, you can control ball speed, spin level, trajectory, and ball feed rate (the period between throwing balls) on the central control panel, which rotates counter-clockwise. It is possible to toss the ball at a gentle pace for children or at a world-class pace for adults. There is a selection between groundstroke and lob, while the ball feed rate varies between 1.5 and 12 seconds.

With Tennis Tutor, you can easily know what the remaining battery charge is, and you can even beep every half an hour. A plug-in charger is also part of Tennis Tutor, so the battery is fully charged when needed.

You can scoop up 150 balls in a matter of seconds once you arrive at the court, which is enough balls to fill two standard pick-up baskets.


  • A speed range of 16km/h – 136km/h
  • Slice & Topspin Yes
  • 1.5-12 second ball feed
  • Ground stroke to lob elevation
  • Random oscillations
  • 4-6 hours of battery life
  • The capacity of 150 balls
  • The weight of 21 kg
  • Heavy Duty Drill 2 Lines
  • Batteries available
  • 12 hours to recharge

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The above mentioned machines are among the best worldwide. We suggest you buy a machine that suits your game level and budget. These two things are very important. Make sure you like the features of a machine more than its look. We wish you very good luck with your purchase.

Questions that we get Frequently:

You can play with a tennis racquet. The racquet did not come with the machine you have to buy it separately. They are pretty cheap and due to their hard texture, they are long-lasting. Once you buy it, you can use it for ages.

As far as the “ HITs ” are concerned, the tennis ball machines are pretty smart. All you have to do is fill up the ball hooper and press the start button. Stand on the opposite side of the machine and the machine will start throwing balls in different directions. You can also change the direction settings according to your game.

A tennis ball weighs exactly the same as a regular cricket ball. There are some pressureless balls as well which are said to be good for the ball machine and their weights vary.

If we talk about the machine weights then it is usually written in their features. Some machines weigh like 15 to 20 pounds and some weigh more. So it depends on the machine completely.

The reason for its fuzziness is actually the purpose of getting more swings. The ball is flexible so your game runs smooth. With a very hardball, it will be difficult for the player to make his shot. Hardball will take more energy when a player decides to take an electronically adjustable ball speed shot. Moreover, the ball will be less bouncy.

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