The Best Ping Pong Machine Review 2022 – Ping Pong Robot For Practice

The only way to get better at ping pong is by practicing a lot. It is possible to play ping pong against a robot when you do not have a partner who enjoys the game as much as you do. It offers a wide range of features and abilities suitable for players of all skill levels, making it a great ping-pong robot. Suggested Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table

There are now a variety of options for the speed, spin, and frequency settings on modern table tennis robots. All of these settings are synced with computerized programming. This type of machine produces about 100 balls per minute at its maximum speed, and it also has a recycle function so that you do not have to constantly pick up balls.

The Top Two Recommendations are given below later we will discuss the buying guide in detail;

Though we would have liked to review as many machines as we could, achieving that goal is difficult. The top two machines available in the ping pong market were narrowed down for the best reasons. The machines have all the qualities mentioned above and are loved by their customers.

 Omega Power Ping-Pong Machine | Intermediate to Advanced Players

Professionals and serious players will both enjoy this robot. This training device will blow your mind with its incredible features, providing you with a training experience you will never forget. Also, check Top 3 Air Hockey Tables for Home | Buyer’s Guide 2022

The Power Pong 5000 software has been updated with more power. Apple, iPad, and Android are all supported by this table.

There is almost no difference between this product and the Butterfly Amicus Prime; these are actually made by the same manufacturer. In its control box, it can store 99 drills but can control an enormous number of drills remotely from your smartphone via a Bluetooth app. For a great deal of versatility in your training, you can use up to eight balls.


  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Ball feed: 5 balls per min
  • Ball capacity: 120
  • Drills: can be modified
  • Spins: top, back, left-right
  • Remote control: wireless remote control availability


  • Programmed by spinning, speeding, and varying frequency
  • Each memory slot contains 33 saved drills
  • Recycle the net for balls
  • Drills programmed in advance
  • Warranty of 3 years


  • Quite Expensive

2040+ Robo Ping Pong | Newgy Eagle Eye

The new Newgy can now accommodate balls up to 40mm in diameter. Despite not having many bells and whistles, this robot is capable of providing all the basics. This device can be powered by electricity. The selection of shots can be customized by changing parameters such as frequency, height, and angle.

Moreover, the machine has the capability of oscillating and directing balls in various directions on the table, which is useful. From topspin or backspin to sidespin or a combination of them, as well as other shots generated by the software, a whole range of spin types is possible.

Our criteria for choosing robots also include the large capacity of the Robo-Pong. Up to 200 balls can be held in the bucket with the extender. Continuously re-filling the ball is not needed. A couple of days after your purchase, you will get 48 2-star balls, which is a pretty good deal.


  • Ball Capacity: 120+
  • Product Weight: 24 Ibs
  • Measurement: 60/31/18
  • Spins: Top, Back, Right, Left
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Speed, frequency, and oscillation can be controlled
  • Remote control availability
  • Height adjustment can be achieved.
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable


  • Beginners might find the game level hard but as time passes, they learn to customize the drills according to their needs.

Buying Guide to Best Ping Pong Machine

Table tennis robots come with a wide range of features you should consider. The following recommendations will help you choose wisely. Our discussion will focus on a few of the key features that ping pong machines must have.


To be a good barbell training robot, it must have the ability to produce spins of every type or to produce no spin at all. In some models, there may be only a few types of spins or you might have to adjust the settings to adjust the spin.

The game is made more complicated by those who can spin the ball at random. With modern technology, ping pong machines can also spin the ball in both directions, which would be impossible for humans. Despite its benefits, it is not a valid method to train your reaction to unpredictable throws.

Ball Capacity:

A robot’s large ball capacity will be one of the things you’ll appreciate. On average, table tennis robots can hold 100 to 200 balls simultaneously. The robots equipped with recycling nets capable of collecting and refeeding the balls can play indefinitely, as the balls are constantly collected and fed to the robots.

Pre Programmed Drills:

Table tennis robots can be programmed to perform drills to help you improve your skills. Robots are often designed to let you set up your drills for competition, and advanced robots may have more drills to choose from.

Power Source:

There are two ways to power a ping-pong machine. It can either run on batteries or by a direct energy source. Playing with a plugged-in machine inside with a power source is a good option if you want to play indoors. If you want to play outdoors or want to take the machine with you, a battery-powered one is a better choice. Remember that batteries will need to be changed from time to time.

Remote Control Availability:

Through its remote control, you can adjust the robot’s settings at a distance. You don’t have to walk around the table to change the settings since you can switch them from the other end. The wired remote control is a reasonable feature to look for when shopping. Almost every ping pong robot comes with a mobile phone app, but they are generally more expensive.


Ping pong robots can usually be set up in just a few minutes, though some more advanced models take a bit longer and involve more adjustment. Along with basic setup and packing down, the portability and location of the device are significant considerations. It’s also important to think about the size and weight of a robot since some models are generally bigger and heavier than others.


Place your robot in front of ball catcher nets to catch balls. Thus, you won’t have to bend over constantly to pick up the balls, and they won’t all make their way to the floor.

After Words:

We like the Newgy robot for its features and affordability. The game is ideal for more intermediate players, although many beginners will enjoy it as well. There are many customization options, and the price is reasonable. Newgy Robo Pong can be tailored by changing the spin, speed, and frequency.

Those who are unfamiliar with ping pong can also slow the ball’s spin. Learning can be done at a pace that suits you. Despite our lack of tournament participation, most of us ping pong enthusiasts are also not bad. While buying a quality robot, breaking the bank may not be the best option. The most cost-effective and functional option is Robo Pong. For that reason, the Newgy is recommended.

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