Top 5 Tennis Ball Machines | Battery Operated 2022

Check out these 5 Top-Rated Battery-Operated Tennis Ball Machines of 2022. These machines have taken the tennis market to the next level. Not only do they cost pretty cheap but also their features are pretty impressive too. Here are some machines you may want to consider before making a purchase.

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Phenom 2 by Lobster Sports | Portable User-Friendly

Lobster‘s name is the only one that springs to mind when we discuss tennis ball machines. The company has been keeping this legacy for decades. No matter which model you buy, they provide budget-friendly machines with high quality.

Today we are talking about one of their magnificent products Lobster Sports Phenom 2 which are Portable and User-Friendly. Like other Lobsters, this one too has the capacity to store more than 200 balls at a time. The ball speed can be changed according to your ease from 35 to 80mph. As far as the spins are concerned, there is variation among them.

Aside from topspin and backspin, it has random motions as well, making it an equally challenging opponent. Drills that are programmable and customized are installed. On the subject of portability, its wheels and handle provide strong mobility. The overall machine weighs 99 pounds. The remote to control the machine is also included in the package.

Isam Extend Ball Machine | Under 1000$

Looking for a budget-friendly machine that costs you less and helps you improve your game? Isam Extend is a perfect match for you. It will only cost you 800$ and provide you with your best game.

Setting up this machine is so easy that a 10-year-old can do it. It weighs less than 23 pounds so you can easily carry it. It also has wheels so moving it is not that of a deal. If we talk about battery timing, it can run up to 5 to 7 hours without disturbance.

The machine can hold 300+ balls. Ball speed is 15 to 65 hence topspin and backspin is not possible. Recommended for beginners and intermediate players. The package includes a smart charger for the battery.

Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine | Best for Beginners Level

What if we told you about a tennis machine that would cost you less and be a good start for your child to gain skills as a tennis player? We are talking about the one and only Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine which is a great start for beginners.

Quickstart is a program that is specially designed for children and for beginners. Your game will become better over time when you practice. In terms of speed, this machine is capable of going up to 30mph. In other words, it is the perfect machine for initials. The product weighs 29 pounds, making it easy to transport. A pair of strong wheels have been installed that will help the machine move. Additionally, you can easily transport it in your car trunk so that you can play even when you are not at home.

And if we talk about ball capacity, up to 75 balls can fit inside its hooper. The product is rechargeable. Additionally, the charger that comes with the product package will allow you to recharge its battery whenever you feel the need. This product does not oscillate in any other direction, so you must keep that in mind before buying. Overall this product is a marvel.

Sports Tutor Tennis Tower Deluxe | Top Reviewed

This tennis ball machine has come into being for professionals only. People who already have a pretty strong grip on tennis must purchase this machine as it promises them the best and the most random shots they’ve ever played. A product like this is a challenge to compete against.

If we talk about its ball speed, it can reach a maximum speed of 85mph. It also provides Topspin and Backspin facilities. It will throw a ball in random directions, so the partner will have difficulty predicting where the ball will actually be launched. This product has the capacity to store more than 220 balls at a time.

This feature will help you continue your game without worrying about the refilling of its hooper. The product’s total weight is 85 pounds, which is pretty heavy but the best part is it comes with a pair of wheels making it portable. I can be moved to anywhere anytime as it can fit into your car. The machine is actually modern style built and you may find it expensive than others but the features it holds are worth the amount.

As long as the battery is concerned, it can last for up to 3 sessions and can be recharged. You’ll never regret b buying this product.

SIBOASI S4015 | A Perfect Tennis Partner

Looking for a machine that is perfect for both beginners and professionals? A machine that not only works smoothly but is also portable and rechargeable. Then you’re at the right place. Have a look at the SIBOASI S4015 Tennis Ball Machine.

Siboasi S4015 is battery operated and you can play your game continuously for up to 5 hours. This device has a remote control accessible making it easy to use and so that it can be set to your preference from a distance.

If we talk about its portability, the machine has huge wheels which let it stand firm and the handle lets you move this machine from one place to another. The overall weight of this machine is 62 pounds. The product holds the capacity of 150+ balls. Let me tell you about the main features of this beast. It not only provides Topspin and Backspin, but it also throws the ball in random motion.

Pre-programmed drills have been installed into it but it also allows you to customize them according to your level. In short, it is best for beginners and professional players. By the way, if you buy this product on Amazon, it will come with a lifelong guarantee.


In order to find the best tennis ball machine, most people will think about what they want to achieve first, before narrowing things down. This is actually a piece of advice for you. Before buying a machine you should keep these main points in your mind. Your desired outcome will be determined by them.

Specification suitable to your level:

You will find every kind of machine on the internet, some you may need and some you may desire because of their flashy looks and efficient results. It is natural and but what you should make sure of is that you get what you need not what attracts you. Because firstly it will cost you a deal and secondly it will be of no use to you. Make sure you know your level of the game and then make sure that the machine you’re going to purchase has all the specifications you need. But here are some things you should definitely look for in a tennis ball machine.


You must look for a machine that is portable. A machine that is easy to carry and a machine you can take with you outside your house or court. Because these machines are so heavy and even if you buy a light-weight machine, you will still need to carry it around and we want to make sure you don’t get into any trouble.

Battery Timing:

If you buy a machine, ensure that the battery life is long enough. The last thing you want is to have your game stop while you are enjoying it. That’s right? So make sure the battery timing of the machine is long enough to last for up to 3 to 4 games.


Before buying the product check for the warranty from the dealers. It must be up to 6 months at least. There are some machine dealers that give you a warranty of up to 2-3 years.


Also, consider the durability of the machine. Plastic or another such material must have this in order to function correctly. For those of aluminum, this is not that of an issue.

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Well, no doubt the machines are pretty expensive but the main reasons are that the machine design is made in such a way to make it look good as well as to function well. Secondly, they have diverse internal features which are responsible for different functions like angle, speed rate, feed rate, rotations and etc. All these features when come into 1 whole being are definitely worth the money.

It is the 21st century. AI is taking over the world. We are not saying that the human opponent is not good but what we are saying is that a machine is more convenient. People are so busy in their lives that they don’t have enough time. Whether it’s your friend or your family they will play with you 1/2  times but they’re definitely not free whenever you ask them. Right? This is where a machine steps in to make sure your game doesn’t stop. It will prove a worthy opponent and it will improve your game over time. The built-in statics of the machine is definitely better.

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