Top Rated Tennis Racquets of 2022 | Buyer’s Guide

Not sure what kind of tennis racquet you should purchase? Based on my recommendations on where to get the best tennis racquet, the frames below are some of the best on the market right now.

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Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone | User’s Friendly

Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone offers the perfect balance of features and ease of use for beginners and intermediate players.

It offers great performance, is very easy to use, and is also a great tool that allows you to practice topspin. Beginners who enjoy playing will find these racquets ideal. With great value for the price, this is among the best racquets available today.


  • Size of the head: 107 sq. in.
  • Approximately 27.75 inches / 70 cm in length
  • 241g / 8.5oz-String Weight
  • Balance: 7 points Head Heavy
  • 68 degrees of stiffness
  • Straight Beam: 27mm wide
  • Graphite and titanium-composition
  • Medium-high level of power composition
  • Slow-Moderate swing speed
  • Type of grip: Soft
  • There are 16 Mains and 19 Crosses in the string pattern
  • 57-64 pounds per string

The Ti S5 has been updated to be an even better version of the original. The string pattern is open for good spin control, and the strings are light (8.5 oz strung). Its enlarged sweet spot, matched with the new comfort zone technology from Head, provides a nice upgrade for all court beginners to intermediates with compact or medium swing types.

Prince O3 Legacy 120 | Best for Advanced Players

I like this item the most because it provides the most luxurious hitting experience above all the others in this guide.

Beginners can also maintain high levels of performance with this even when their contact is less than perfect since it affords them many margins of error. In addition, Prince offers O3 Technology, an award-winning vibration dampening system. Designed to provide comfort and power to all, we’re your go-to place.


  • 120.2 in2 / 774.19 cm2-Head Size
  • The length is 27.25in / 69.22cm
  • The weight of the string is 9.7oz / 275g
  • Balancing: 14.2in / 36.07cm / 5 points
  • 328 lbs-swing weight
  • The stiffness of this object is 72
  • Beam widths: 27mm, 29.5″, 29.5 “
  • Graphite, Twaron, and Textreme-Composition
  • Stroke Power: High
  • Compact-style
  • Speed of swing: Slow
  • Soft prince restates-grip
  • There are 16 Mains and 19 Crosses in the string pattern
  • 55-65 lbs-tension for the strings

In addition to best-in-class comfort, O3 Legacy 120 has an easy-access power source. It stems from O3 Silver, a popular feature at the time. The extended length of this racquet provides more power (momentum) for groundstrokes while also giving you a more luxurious area to hit with. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced player looking to improve your doubles skills, the Textreme Premier 120 is an excellent racquet. The Textreme Premier 120 has the same features as its immediate predecessor.

It also has an AntiTorque System for improved stability and delivers no harsh vibrations due to O3 Technology. A comfortable baseline start is combined with a racquet that provides excellent control for redirecting your opponent’s pace. For compact stroke players, the course offers ample depth, and the fast swings allow rapid play. The O3 Legacy 120 is particularly spin-efficient with its large “spin-window” and 16×19 string pattern.

With a simple block, the net makes a deeper cut on service returns and overheads, and longer serves and overheads give the net more power and ease of clearance.”. If you’re looking for maximum power and comfort, you’ll want the O3 Legacy 120.

Babolat Boost Aero | Powerful and Best Spinner

In my opinion, this is the best weapon because it’s easy to use, maneuverable, and makes learning the game simple. In spite of the biggest swings, the incredible control will let you play the ball with even less power than the first two racquets.

In addition, it allows you to position the racquet correctly and swing it effectively since it is exceptionally maneuverable. It’s an impossible deal to beat for under $100 for a pre-strung starter stick.


  • 102 in2 / 658.06 cm2 is the head size
  • The length is 27in or 68.58cm
  • 2.78 oz / 9.8 oz-String Weight
  • The balance is 13.75in / 34.93cm / 2 points
  • The swing weight is 306 pounds
  • The stiffness of this object is 67
  • 23mm / 26mm / 23mm-Beamwidth
  • It is composed of a graphite
  • Level of power: Low-Medium
  • Moderate-full strokes
  • Fast-medium swing speed
  • Black/Yellow-Racquet Colors
  • Babolat Uptake is the grip type
  • There are 16 Mains and 19 Crosses in the string pattern
  • The tension of the string: 50-55 pounds

Babolat Boost Aero Tennis Racquets are designed for beginners and recreational players who desire a racquet that will deliver excellent performance at an affordable price. Junior players who are ready to upgrade their first racquet to an adult size should find this racquet to be ideal.

Boost Aero’s lightweight and easy acceleration allows it to move quickly. With the crisp feel and excellent control, and Babolat’s time-tested Woofer grommet system, your shot will be more precise. In addition to easy swings, the Boost Aero delivers a precise and reliable response.

As a result, there is a sense of confidence during big swings. You’ll load the ball with spin more easily with the Aero’s open string pattern. This racquet is wonderfully quick both on returns and at the net. Also, this stick whips easily through contact due to its speedy feel. However, the Boost Aero shouldn’t compromise user-friendliness or performance for the sake of stability. Beginners, recreational players, and bargain hunters have a great choice with this product from Babolat.

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Buying Guide

This guide will be useful to players of all ages and levels. Tennis is a low-impact sport with few barriers to entry, even though it has a sporty feel. It’s easy to play outside if it’s warm enough. All you need are tennis rackets, tennis balls, and gym shoes.

Here are the reasons why learning tennis today is easier than ever before, according to our tennis experts. People who want to pick up or return to the sport may be able to do so now more easily than ever.

Caitlin Thompson is a co-founder of Racquet magazine and a former coach and player at Mizzou once said that “There is no better time than now to start playing tennis. The manufacturers have made rackets cheaper and more accessible to recreational players.”

In order to determine the best rackets for beginners, we talked with tennis professionals, coaches, and retailers about the models they recommend. Several rackets came up multiple times since different reasons led to different categorizations, which will help you better determine which might be right for you. Though these rackets are all recommended for beginners, they aren’t designed specifically for them.

Almost all of our experts warn that beginner rackets are not suitable for people who only play semi-regularly. Purchasing your own tennis racket can be a lifetime commitment, says Karen Moriarty, owner of the Tennis Professionals store in Rye Brook, New York. There is no point in spending $100 only to have to spend $200 more a few hours later.”


Top-rated requests in 2021 are listed in the above list. These 3 racquets are from different brands and feature different characteristics. Depending on your preferences, you can select the best.

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