Twist Tennis Ball Machine 2022 | Under 300$

Want your child to have an interactive ball machine? Check out this machine for only 299$. Parents who wish for their children to start practicing tennis at a young age will surely appreciate our suggestion and introduce them to the most easy-to-use machine. Also, check Ultra 2 Table Tennis Table A machine of this caliber will always provide you with portability and accommodation.

Here are some of the unique features of this machine that you will surely enjoy. The Tennis Twist program was specially designed for beginners. This compact first ball machine is easy to use and is perfect for children just getting started with tennis. Playing Tennis Twist is an easy task for a child who can swing a racquet.

The Tennis Twist can be easily used, as it shoots a ball every five seconds when it is turned on. Balls have an arc that can be adjusted anywhere from 3.5 meters to 6 meters. Up to 28 balls can be stored in this spiral design. Models powered by AC and by batteries are available for Tennis Twist. Six “D” size batteries (not included) will run the Battery Model for up to ten hours.

With Tennis Twists’ wide range of adjustment, it is possible to use it in driveways, backyards, or even basements. In addition, since it weighs just 11 pounds, it is easily transported to nearby tennis courts or parks. An integrated carrying handle is built into the high-impact plastic case. Parts and labor are covered in the three-year warranty for Tennis Twist.

Anyone who wants to learn the basics of tennis will benefit from Tennis Twist. Having an extra ball in the corner will allow you to have more fun hitting balls without tiring out your partner. You don’t have to be anything but relaxed and easy-going when playing Tennis Twist. Tennis Twist may help kids improve, but don’t ask them how much they have grown since they started playing. They’ll just tell you what a blast they had.


  • Toss distance between 3.5 m and 6 m Speed km/h    
  • Spinning No.
  • Feeding each ball for a period of five seconds
  • Elevation: Manual
  • Oscillation: No
  • Batteries last 5-10 hours
  • 28 balls can be accommodated
  • The weight of this item is 5kg
  • Remote availability No
  • Heavy Duty Battery No

The Edge lite is the ball machine that is the entry-level machine from Silent Partner


This product is perfection. For those with a beginner’s mind or kids who want to take their first steps into the world of professionalism, this machine is highly recommended. Moreover, this is the only product with this low cost. We will suggest you give this product a try and if you don’t like it you can return it as it comes with a warranty.


No. It doesn’t come with wheels but it weighs only 5kg. So you can easily carry it and move it anywhere you like.

Having wheels would cause this machine to start oscillating due to its lightweight, resulting in game ruination.

Red junior balls should not be used since they are oversized. Kids can use these balls, as they’re made for easier hitting. It is impossible for them to fit into the chamber of a ball machine, resulting in the machine jamming.

A pressure-free ball is a solution. Unlike other balls, these do not use pressurized air to create their shape. The balls will continue to bounce and have the same shape for many years to come. A pressureless ball should last between one and two years on average (depending on surface and usage).

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