Wilson’s Top 3 Tennis Racquets 2022

Tennis racquet manufacturers are hard-pressed to match Wilson Sporting Goods. Their longevity, ability to sign big names, and quality set them apart from a lot of their rivals.

Inherently, their racquets are the ones that stand out, even without Roger Federer, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and Serena Williams endorsing them.

Wilson keeps up with developments in racquet technology. These are, as of this writing, the best tennis racquets Wilson has to offer. There is a Wilson model for everyone, from the performance model to the beginner/senior model.

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1.  The Wilson Staff 97 Pro | For Advanced Players

The first racquet on our list is probably the most hyped up, despite its size. Roger Federer uses a racquet almost identical to what most tennis fans will enjoy. Designed for advanced players, his racquet is probably not for beginners or even intermediate players who may end up frustrated constantly trying to handle it.

Due to its small size of just 97 square inches, this head might limit some players from reaching their full potential. If you do not develop your strokes carefully, you will miss many shots and sink quite a few.

This racquet’s great feel, combined with its high stability, makes it good for both power and control. In comparison with conventional racquets, FeelFlex won’t provide the same level of feel. However, you can still feel the ball near the net.

Wilson may release another racquet like this in the future, making it one of the best single-purpose rackets available on the market. Taking it back is such an easy way to produce power. With more power and speed from the start, players feel happier.


  • A racquet similar to that used by Roger Federer
  • A good control system
  • Great shots are rewarded


  • The sweet spot of small dimensions
  • Own power generation is required

2.   Wilson Blade 98 | For intermediate to Advance

For quite some time now, Wilson Blades have been available in many different models. FeelFlex technology, which is extensively discussed throughout this article, is one of the reasons their latest model is arguably the best.

Almost every Wilson racquet was equipped with FeelFlex technology in the first half of 2019. Aside from its overall good feel, the Blade feels just as good now as it has been all along.

Wilson Blades are available in a variety of sizes and are most commonly used by professional players. Both an 18×20 and 16×19 string pattern are available. The more dense string pattern provides for better string durability and an enhanced sense of control.

Either choice will work, but most people are better off with an 18 x 20 head. It is true that the Wilson Blade can’t compete with other models in terms of power and spin. Regardless of what the average player may be, the product reaches his or her full potential by doing everything well.


  • Excellent control
  • Strings are durable because of their pattern
  • Added Flex Fuel technology


  • Is a little underpowered
  • Spinning isn’t easy

3.    Wilson Clash 100 | For Beginners to Advances

Among the most impactful tennis racquets of recent years, Wilson’s Clash 100 will go down in tennis history as a key component. FeelFlex technology makes an enormous difference in both playability and responsiveness. Maybe that sounds a little overstated to some, but that is exactly what it accomplishes. Tennis players cannot believe that this racquet didn’t exist a year ago, and it is now one of Wilson’s best sellers.

With innovative design, arm-friendly features, superb feel, and much more, Wilson wanted to ensure that their product kept up with modern demands. The stiffer racquets and the harder strings putting stress on the arms make staying healthy increasingly challenging.

Wilson Clash was well-received when it was released, and it lived up to the hype. The racquet head is a huge favorite among recreational players despite not having a professional endorse it.


  • FeelFlex technology debuts on the company’s first racquet
  • A racquet that combines great characteristics from different style
  • Suitable for all strings


  • Serviceability could be improved
  • Topspin is a challenge for some

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About Wilson’s:

It has sometimes been argued that Wilson does not play a significant role in innovation. As a result, they relied on what they knew worked and proceeded accordingly. Because of this, the Clash was so important, and the FeelFlex technology played a huge role, as well. They are bound to use it in other racquets in the future since it has been successfully used in tennis. The company also seems to have racquets for all types of players.

You can buy a Wilson racquet even if you’re a casual player at your local supermarket. There is this thing, which won’t last long or perform well, but it is there nonetheless. As well as accessories for tennis players, they also sell a wide range of products.

There are different strings for different budgets available in their overgrip line. Wilson gives customers these additional options, but it’s not necessary to buy one specific brand for absolutely everything.

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